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Please Connect Me Ltd

A kiwi innovation has just landed on UK shores, pledging to save you time and money when moving house.

15 August 2017 14:00


After a decade of success in the New Zealand and Australian markets, young director Dan Munro has recently launched Please Connect Me for the UK, representing a new concept in convenience for the UK movers market.

Please Connect Me offer a fast, easy and streamlined way to connect all of your utilities and services in a single application when moving house. They can notify the council, water and energy companies on your behalf, and facilitate broadband deals through the UK’s biggest providers – often at better rates than you would find by going direct.

The biggest draw however – is that they do all of this for free.

“Getting connected in the UK can be time consuming and confusing” writes Dan.
“Please Connect Me aims to eliminate wasted hours spent during what’s an already stressful time, and provide genuine customer service where utility providers traditionally lack”.

These comments are not without warrant, with consumer review site reporting average customer satisfaction with Energy companies at just 54% in 2017.

Please Connect Me is based in London, but are already helping movers nationwide through a growing base of relocation companies and letting agents, who happily refer their clients to be connected. Dan added: “The response so far has been excellent, we’re near 100% growth for every month of trading in 2017.”

For further information please visit You can also contact Dan Munro via:

Phone: 0800 36 88 551

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Dan Munro


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About Please Connect Me Ltd

Please Connect Me is a global leader in utility connections, providing a time and money saving service to people moving home.
We can help organise electricity, gas, internet, TV, council tax and more - and work with leading providers across the UK to get exclusive deals as they hit the market.

Please Connect Me started as a family business in New Zealand under the brand Fast Connect, out of a desire to make life easier for people moving house. After a decade of success in that market we launched in the UK - recognising that the challenges around utilities here are very different, but still very much relevant in their own way.

On energy alone, it's estimated that British consumers over spend in the region of £4billion per year, and our service allows customers to prevent this, by matching them with plans that suit them and their living situation. Combined with exclusive deals from internet service providers, as well as help with council tax, water, house cleaning and more, we have created a service designed to save time and money during their move.

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