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Vorrei Ltd

A Better Way To Eat Italian

27 September 2015 10:30


26 September 2015

A Better Way to Eat Italian
with Vorrei, the new Italian gourmet food website.

Vorrei – I would like... in Italian – is a new online food website offering delicious Italian gourmet food and organic wine. It is gourmet food and wine with a difference. Founders Luca and Nicola Pagliaro lived and worked in Italy for 15 years and know just how fabulous natural, healthy Italian food can be.

The couple - Luca is Italian and Nicola is British - deal only with suppliers with whom they have built strong personal relationships. All the products are ethically sourced from small-scale farmers who are committed to sustainable farming practices. This select group of growers and producers are as passionate about food as only Italians can be.

As well as enjoying their food, Italians like to take time eating - and Vorrei is an ardent supporter of the Slow Food Movement, an initiative that was founded in Italy to counter the rise of a fast food culture and promote a better way to eat. Many of its products have Slow Food certification.

“Our products are not industrially produced and are not packed with preservatives, artificial colours or flavour enhancers, many are organic and most are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, What’s more, because we deal directly with our suppliers, we are able to match our quality with great prices,” said Nicola.

The real flavour of Italy means simple, tasty dishes prepared using fresh, natural ingredients and traditional methods. It was their love of the country’s extensive range of regional dishes and cooking that prompted them to set up Vorrei and bring the finest Italian food and traditional ingredients to the UK.

All of their products have been specially selected for their memorable flavours and textures bringing a unique Italian twist to the British dinner table.. The range includes fantastic handmade chocolate and citron panettone, dark chocolate-coated Calabrian figs, delicious antipasti, extravagant fruit mustards and indulgent wine jellies, organic extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, gifts and hampers. They also stock many unusual, regional Italian products which are often difficult to find in the UK.

“We don’t see Vorrei as simply an online Italian food shop,” says Nicola. “That’s already been done. Our aim is to pass on our knowledge of the culture of real Italian food. We can do this because we have a direct link to the producers”.

“We are able to provide our customers with a wealth of information about the products they are buying, how they have been produced and by whom. This enables them to make an informed choice about the food they are buying with no misleading advertising”.

“Our product range has genuine provenance and is complemented by traditional Italian recipes, often suggested by our suppliers or passed down through our extended Italian family.”

“We want to raise the profile of real, unsophisticated Italian food and wine, which benefits from a strong link to the area in which it is produced,” she explained.

Vorrei works very closely with Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and offer 5% of their profits to the charity. Vorrei has seen the great work JDRF do and hope that with their customers’ support they will be able to contribute to helping millions of lives around the world.

'We are delighted that Vorrei has decided to support JDRF in this way. Every donation helps us to fund ground-breaking research into type 1 diabetes which affects 400,000 people living in the UK, 29,000 of whom are children and millions more world-wide, improving lives until we find the cure'. Ruth Caulfield, Senior Corporate Partnerships Fundraiser.

For press enquiries and further information please contact:
Nicola Pagliaro
Tel: 07456 802553

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