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Dominic Mandrell Ltd / Tantalize Media

" Forget walking on water - we’re dancing!... down the River Lea!" - A boat party with a difference

14 August 2017 12:30


We catch up with DJs Dom Mandrell (Soul Picnic/BringBackTheBeat) and Stuart Patterson (The date/Love Vinyl) to talk about their latest project
HEADLINE DJ: ASHLEY BEEDLE (Xpress2/Black Science Orchestra)

Dom Mandrell: “To my knowledge this is an absolute first. Summer Boat parties on Thames are commonplace but the River Lea hasn’t really been explored in the same way, plus we have managed to get legendary DJ and producer Ashley Beedle (Xpress2, Black Science Orchestra) to headline for us both on the water and in our destination venue Stour Space, so this will be something just a little bit special."

There will be three boats sailing at different times throughout the day/evening from Markfield Park on the borders of Walthamstow/Tottenham journeying down to Stour Space a spectacular venue right on the rivers edge overlooking the Olympic Stadium in Hackney Wick. See link below for more details/tickets..

Stuart Patterson: Yes, when Dom came to me with this idea I realised it was a great way of using the River Lea to unite our different crowds” Dom Mandrell: “ Stuart’s been doing amazing parties for years primarily around Hackney, while I have been building a following in and around E17 with festivals like Soul Picnic and the BringBackTheBeat dance tent at The Walthamstow Garden Party so this seemed like such a great and way of pulling things together and creating some special memories.

Sponsored by Arona St James/Coppermills

More info and tickets:

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About Dominic Mandrell Ltd / Tantalize Media

I am a graphic designer and illustrator who has worked in and around the live music, nightlife and festival industry for many years. The boundaries between producing artwork for other promoters as well as marketing their gigs and festivals and producing, conceiving and DJing at my own events blur all the time.

I made a realisation that many of the skills I have developed in PR and marketing are transferable to restaurants/bars and the hospitality sector - they are essentially a branch of the entertainment industry after all. My recent contract with award winning Yum Yum thai Restaurant in Walthamstow looking after their social media and marketing needs confirmed this. So I am in the process of starting a new chapter with Tantalize media and creating an agency specialising in looking after the needs of this sector.

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