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Penny Dreadful Menswear Ltd

8 Christmas Gifts For Men That Aren’t Sh*t and a 20% Discount For Journolinkers.

08 December 2015 15:30

UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 08 December 2015 16:00

Men don’t tend to bang on about Christmas gifts much which is possibly why they end up with the thin end of the wedge of ‘interesting’ artisan cheese at Christmas.

The Penny Dreadful Blog delves into the truth of what men would like for Christmas were they able to discretely liaise direct with Santa.
Read it in full at and please share it.

It was interesting and fun for Penny Dreadful to meet so many bloggers at the #BloggersXmas party on Saturday, a lovely, thoughtful, switched on bunch who completely got the Penny Dreadful tailored, vintage designed boxer shorts.

As we know a blogger’s interest in a tiny British-made brand operating out of a cupboard like us, can help turn the sign on the cupboard door to ‘open’.
So we’re hoping for some coverage for our beautiful boxer shorts because it can get dark in here!
Big thanks to #soeursdeluxe and #journolink for making Saturday’s event happen.

A perfect home for a cupboard industry is of course and where Penny Dreadful boxer shorts are also available.

And finally as a Christmas gift we’d like to offer all members of JournoLink a 20% discount at Penny Dreadful Menswear between now and Christmas. Please drop me an email and I’ll give you the discount code. Penny’s are a great shout for an unusual and unique Christmas gift for him (he won’t ask for them, he’s never seen anything like them) or for her to sleep in.

Best wishes and peace to you all.
Penny Dreadful Menswear

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About Penny Dreadful Menswear Ltd

Frustrated by the lack of variety and style in men's underwear we started this small Company to design and manufacture tailored boxer shorts, based on a vintage design re-styled for a modern fit. The shorts feature the original illustrations of Sarah Dvojack and are truly unique. Made in Manchester.

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