Do you think it's ever possible to find party shoes you can dance in all night? Susannah Davda of The Shoe Consultant Ltd(1) claims it is, but you just need to know what to look for. We asked Susannah for her top tips.

1. Think ahead
Pick a timeless style you can wear again and again. Timeless doesn’t have to mean boring. Plain metallic or glitter in lighter colours will work for next year’s wedding season. If you know you’ll wear your party shoes loads, you could even justify splurging a bit more.

2. Know your heel height
Fish out the heels in your wardrobe you wear the most because they’re sooo comfy. Now measure the heel height (subtracting any platform) and shop with that in mind. If you know you’re a flats girl, don’t feel obliged to opt for heels. You’ll feel smug when you still have your party shoes on, and everyone else is carrying theirs.

3. Get leathered
I don't mean get drunk. I always advise my clients to buy shoes with leather linings, as they absorb perspiration and tend to be fairly breathable. Have you ever found that your feet swell and your shoes get tight and sweaty part way through the night ? Luckily, leather helps you to avoid this discomfort.

4. Keep them on
Select your shoes for staying power. Look for styles with straps, laces, or hidden elastic. Any detail which helps your shoes to stay on your feet with minimal effort will be your friend when you hit the dance floor. Steer clear of court shoes and mules.

5. Be prepared
Bring a selection of plasters in your handbag. A couple of blister plasters and a few fabric ones should do it. If you don’t need them, your friend or the new-friend you made in the loos will.

6. Wear boots!
Let’s face it, winter in the UK is too cold for sandals. Unless you’re going to be indoors all night, a boot could be a clever choice. There are usually fewer places that boots can rub. Ankle boots are still on-trend, and knee-high or over-the-knee boots with a heel give a sexy, cool look.

We're definitely going to put Susannah's tips into action this party season. How about you?


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About The Shoe Consultant Ltd

Susannah Davda has over 20 years’ experience in in the creative and business aspects of the footwear industry.

Whilst studying for a BA (Hons) Degree in Footwear Design, she worked in five different shoe shops. After graduation she spent many years working for footwear brands and retailers, within the UK market and internationally.

Susannah set up as an Independent Footwear Consultant in 2015, based near London. She advises shoe brands globally, and has helped lots of exciting shoe companies; from start-ups to established businesses.

With a popular blog, two published books, and regular speaking engagements including BBC radio and ITV News, mum of one Susannah is fast becoming the most sought after shoe expert in the UK.