With just over a months to go until Glastonbury 2016 kicks off, we look at the reasons why it is widely considered the greatest music festival on earth.

1) It's ******** massive.
Thursday to Sunday is nowhere near enough time to see everything that's at Glastonbury. We have spoken to couples that have been there ten years on the run and they still haven't seen all of it.

2) Food, food and more food.
Whatever your culinary preference, you're sure to find something you like at Glastonbury. It's not that extortionate either!

3) More than just the music.
Although we all go for the music, there is so much more to do. Circus acts, performers, theater and even activities like logging and spin class are on. Yep, you can still go to your weekly spin class!

4) Even if it rains, you'll have a great time.
Not knowing what the weather is going to be like is all part of the fun. We have seen huge washouts and the party continues. Nothing can stop Glastonbury!

It's what were all here for. The diversity of music, the quality of music and even the sound of the music is all better at Glastonbury. Yeah, it's just the best!

Need any more reasons as to why you NEED to attend Glastonbury before you die, visit their YouTube Channel.

[Photo: Matt Crossick]

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