Alcohol is disastrous for your skin health and affects your appearance. Alcohol is actually one of the worst most aggressive compounds to destroy your skin. Of course it takes more than a couple of Prosecco's to cause long term issues, consistent boozing will give you long-term side effects.

In this article, Claudia explains the main skin reactions to alcohol and what you can do.​​

Puffy face

Alcohol is an inflammatory which is why you look bloated and puffy faced the next day. For most of us after a drink fuelled night out, this will go very quickly, but repeated drinking causes inflammation to the tissue in skin and when you damage the structure, wrinkles will form.

Claudia tip: It's not just the face but also your eyes that get all puffed up too. Try cooling your face with a cold compress or apply some cold cucumber slides to your eyes, even cold chamomile tea bags work well.

As your liver is working overtime to detox the alcohol in your system, it can’t concentrate on doing the same filtering process to your skin.

Claudia tip: Start your day with a glass of luke warm water and squeeze some fresh lemon into it. That will help with balancing your PH level in your blood and helps you to detox.

Make sure you cleanse your face before you go to bed even if you are not feeling like it. Your skin will thank you for this the next morning. I would recommend Milk Thistle, that has anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties and it is good for the liver since drinking too much is also thought to deprive the skin of vital vitamins and nutrients.

In case of spots just use my Cover Rescue to calm your skin irritation.

Alcohol causes a rush of blood flow, which often leads to blood vessels dilating, or if they exceed max capacity, bursting. Be particularly careful if you already have rosacea or a sensitivity issue, as excessive alcohol will exacerbate the problem. Rosacea, a skin disorder that starts with a tendency to blush and flush easily and can lead to facial disfigurement which is linked to alcohol.

Claudia tip: With redness and rosacea it is extremely important to cleanse your skin before going to to bed and apply the Energizing Beauty Fluid for rosacea, or for painful, sore skin redness the Intensive Repair Creme and apply some Cover Rescue Night onto the areas that are very red or spotty.

Alcohol saps your body of moisture and when skin is dry, it creases (hello wrinkles!). A double attack will help – drink a good amount of water before you go to bed to hydrate from the inside and liberally slather on a super creamy moisturiser.

Claudia tip: Have a glass of water on your bed side table just in case you wake up feeling dehydrated during the night.

Again please cleanse your face before you go to bed and apply the Intensive Repair Creme (thick layer)

In the morning after a night out drinking, I will use my Gentle Exfoliant Creme (skin brightening) and use straight after the Energizing Beauty Fluid (repair serum) and I start glowing. No one would notice that I have been out overdoing it with the alcohol!

Summary: Life is all about balance and I say cheers and raise my glass to a healthy balanced lifestyle!

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