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The Shoe Consultant Ltd

5 essentials for selecting shoes to wear to the races

13 March 2017 13:00


Selecting a stylish outfit to wear to the races is so much fun. Will you go for a bright colour or muted palette? Do you fancy a wide-brimmed hat or a fascinator? Is the dress you love long enough to be dress code appropriate?

You put so much thought into your outfit, so it's a shame to ruin the look by removing your shoes. If you've ever ended up bare-foot or in flats at the end of a fabulous day at the races, we have just what you need.

We reached out to Susannah Davda of The Shoe Consultant Ltd(1) for her top tips on how to find comfortable, beautiful heels you can wear for the entire race day and into the evening.

Here are her 5 essentials:

1. Be sensible about heel height. 3" is a good limit for all-day wear.
2. Avoid platforms. These are great for comfortably wearing a higher heel on flat ground, but a recipe for ankle twisting on grass.
3. If the shoes are comfortable and fit you perfectly in the shop: buy them. If not, please please save your money. Don't compromise on fit and comfort.
4. Pick a chunkier heel than normal. Trying to avoid sinking into grass when you're wearing stilettos is annoying, and makes you walk rather strangely.
5. Make sure there is plenty of padding under the ball of your foot, and that it still feels cushioned when you're wearing the shoes. Some shoes have a thin bit of padding that does nothing when worn.

With numerous glamorous race days coming up, you can be the smart one still wearing her shoes whilst others go bare-foot.

Cheltenham Festival Ladies' Day - Wednesday 15th March

Aintree Ladies' Day - Friday 7th April

Genting Casino Nottingham Ladies Day - Saturday 13th May

Epsom Investec Ladies' Day - Friday 2nd June

Royal Ascot Ladies' Day Gold Cup - Thursday 22nd June

Newmarket Ladies' Day - Thursday 13th July

Qatar Goodwood Festival Ladies' Day - Thursday 3rd August

York Ladies' Day - Thursday 24th August

Chester Ladies' Day - Saturday 26th August


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About The Shoe Consultant Ltd

The Shoe Consultant helps women, brands and retailers to make better decisions about footwear. It provides VIP services for busy women who need help finding comfortable, beautiful shoes, and consultancy and training to businesses.

The founder and director of The Shoe Consultant, Susannah Davda, believes that shoes should be both comfortable and beautiful. With over 19 years' experience in the footwear industry and a BA (Hons) in Footwear Design, she has in depth knowledge of women's shoes. From how to make a shoe from scratch, to how to market it, sell it, and price it, Susannah is the go-to person for footwear brands and start-ups needing advice.

With a popular blog, two published books, and regular speaking engagements including BBC radio and ITV News, mum of one Susannah is fast becoming the most sought after shoe expert in the UK.

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