‘​4 Women in Aquelarre’
WINNS GALLERY, Lloyd Park London E17 5JW
4th - 13 May 2018
Gallery opening times: Weekdays 11am - 5pm - Weekends 10am-6pm

‘4 Women in Aquelarre’ is an exhibition of prints, sculptures, mixed media works and ceramics by
four artists based in London E17: Anna Alcock, Linda Green, Kirsten Schmidt and Yaniré Sylva
Its inspiration is the idea of the Witches’ Sabbath – famously and disturbingly imagined by Goya in
Los Caprichos, and long associated with rebellion, transgression, the reality of persecution and the
power of ritual . There is a way in which womens’ authentic nature has been repressed for centuries
by a value system which has trivialised emotional truth, intuitive wisdom and the instinctual knowing of
the deep feminine. There is an imperative for women to own their power, recover their voices, reclaim
their imaginations and recover their stories and the ancient memories of women. At this time of
change and uncertainty 4 Women in Aquelarre express their reality as women through their art.
In embracing mystery and darkness both internal and external 4 Women in Aquelarre invites the
viewer to figuratively descend into the underworld, to recognize the depth of feminine wisdom and the
knowing of the body, to reflect on the meaning to be found in stories and ritual, to value and celebrate
creativity and to contemplate the transforming power of pain and loss.
Anna Alcock ​“My contribution to Aquelarre celebrates the power of women and of witchcraft. I’ve
delved into African shamanism and Zulu ideas about witch-doctors or ‘sangomas’.
Linda Green “​In my work for Aquelarre I explore the idea of the layering of life over life as recorded in
artefacts, documents and photographs, all of which may degrade over time. I am inspired by my
interest in Buddhism, my experience of Shamanism and ritual and my reading of T.S. Eliot’s ‘Four
Kirsten Schmidt​ ‘I am forever fascinated by anthropological objects created by different cultures at
different times in history. I love the visual manifestation of humans trying to connect with an invisible
imagined world; my work draws on these inspirations”.
Yaniré Sylva Delgado “​In Burial Project or Proyecto Enterramientos, I have made books, prints and
ceramics to express my identity, culture and values as an Ecuadorian woman and artist. I have
explored issues of guilt and morality and looked at burial ceremonies and the ways in which we
seek peace through closure”.
There will be Printmaking and Ceramics workshops, for bookings please follow the link:
About the artists
Anna Alcock​ was born in South Africa. She studied for a

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