The data quality standard known as ISO 8000 is fast becoming the de facto standard for manufacturers and distributors to share product specifications electronically with buyers. For example, as part of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 programme, companies who import into their Kingdom are currently receiving notifications to register their product specifications in an open global technical registry as part of complying with the ISO 8000 standard.

The manufacturing industry is looking for cost effective ways to adopt the ISO 8000 standard and this new way of conducting business, particularly those that currently export to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Following the much awaited launch of the pioneering KOIOS 22745 Content Engine and the KOIOS 8000 Technical Spec Converter software, 3-Sci Limited has published its technical dictionary and created an ISO 8000 compliant Product Specification for the revolutionary wireless corrosion monitoring system, branded WI-Corr, in just three days!

Richard Caldwell, Chief Electronics Engineer at 3-Sci, commented “KOIOS is perfect for our needs. We are committed to quality, and that applies in equal measure to the quality of data in our technical specifications as it does to the products themselves. Having an open technical dictionary, and ISO 8000 compliant technical specifications means our customers can be totally confident about the product they are buying and know exactly what the detailed properties and values are, without any mis-understanding or the need to make potentially erroneous assumptions.”

Richard, continues by saying “With an international customer base including clients in the Middle East, it is absolutely imperative our specifications are fully understood no matter where they are purchased. The open technical dictionary with KOIOS 22745 is fundamental to ensure everyone has a shared understanding of our products and their detailed specifications, whilst ISO 8000 ensures we can share our specifications electronically easily, and importantly, with a full description and in a format that is machine readable.”

Simon Towner, CEO at KOIOS Master Data, said “3-Sci is a great example of how quickly engineering companies can turn their product data into ISO 8000 compliant specifications. On their own, it would have taken 3-Sci months to wade through the ISO standards, interpret them and then write software to create compliant specifications. With KOIOS we have taken all the pain away so that companies can fully meet the requirements of ISO 22745 and ISO 8000 rapidly”

About 3-SCI
The 3-Sci team has deep experience in research and product development, in engineering and the physical sciences, gained over many years of activity in energy, medical and defence sectors. Key specialisms include the creation of novel sensors and actuators, non-destructive evaluation, corrosion and its prevention, metallic and non-metallic materials developments, unique communication systems for difficult environments on land, sub-surface, underwater and air-borne, explosives design, test and mitigation, computer-based predictive modelling, software and electronics design and manufacturing.

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The KOIOS cloud based online community of international manufacturers and distributors is a leading trusted source of manufacturing product information globally making it much easier for businesses to trade internationally.

By ensuring all product data in the KOIOS repository complies fully with ISO 22745 and ISO 8000, buyers can rest assured that the products they find and buy have accurate and complete detailed specifications, where the data sources are well defined and known, and where language constraints are no more.

Manufacturers will increase sales by reaching a large market, and buyers will gain cost-savings and operational efficiency by simplifying how product data is sourced.

At KOIOS Master Data we have a suite of software products that make the transition to ISO 8000 very simple and straightforward for manufacturers. Using our content engine and integrations into partner technology, such as Quiplab and ECCMA, we can have manufacturers complying in next to no time.