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2 UK dads’ revive popular 70s childrens’ characters for range of new mobile games and resources.

10 November 2015 22:00

UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 11 November 2015 12:00

Cardiff, November 11, 2015 - Two Dads from the UK are developing digital adventure stories and games aimed at helping parents spend more time with their children and explore technology together. The story apps are aimed at three to seven year olds and are designed for parents to share screen time with their children, as opposed to just using digital devices as ‘babysitters’.

Designer Dan Clemo and digital developer Jason Veal, who are friends and co-founders of a creative agency, have been working on the Bean&Gone™ apps for more than two years.

The Bean&Gone™ characters have been updated from the original versions that were created by British Illustrator Richard Fowler in the late 1970s and early 80s. The Beans first appeared in a series of popular children's books and boardgames. Richard is delighted to see his characters be the inspiration for a new generation through Bean&Gone™.

Dan Clemo said “I’ve got such great memories of reading those books and playing those games with my mum and dad. The characters were so innocent and fun and the games really brought the family together in a way that’s missing in modern life. We want to bring back that wholesomeness, and feeling of family togetherness, using tablets and smart devices to bring parents and their children together.”

“We’re all guilty of letting our children use tablets and other devices to entertain themselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that, up to a point” “But as new research suggests, the best way for children to engage with technology is when their parents share the screen time with them and explore it together.”

“It’s also important for example, with very young children, for parents to reference what’s happening on the screen with real world objects and activities, so children can relate them to what they know.”

Both men have young families and began talking about creating something for their own children that they were happy for them to use on a regular basis, and something they could enjoy with them together.

The Bean&Gone™ series of apps will be part of a multi-phase plan to bring parents and children together through co-play, using technology, with the stories at the heart of the activity.

For children, the concept is about play and enjoying the Bean characters, with lots of relevant interaction and references to the real world. Parents are provided with a multi-layered story and the opportunity to sit with their child and discover together while also making decisions about how the story will flow. There will be nine possible story paths to take within each adventure.

The Bean&Gone™ Kickstarter campaign launched on 30th October 2015 and will last for a month.

For more information visit, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter. For a sneak peek of some of the characters instead check out their Youtube channel.

About the Bean&Gone™ Creators
Dan Clemo – Designer
Dan is Dad to three young children and is Co-founder and Partner at Sugar Creative Studio, which he helped establish over six years ago. Dan has worked as a designer for more than 15 years and is passionate about creating new ways in which parents and children can use technology together, through play.

Jason Veal – Digital Developer
Dad to two young children, Jason is the other Co-founder and Partner at Sugar Creative Studio. Jason holds a BSc in Digital Art and Emerging Technologies and has spent more than 15 years creating games, apps, websites and digital media.

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