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If you are looking for exciting, unique foodie experiences which will introduce you to other cultures, if you love surprises and are seeking something different, if your favourite part of food is the story behind it – this is the event for you!

When you spend your time eating and cooking your way around London, eventually you are going to bump into a like-minded soul. This is exactly what happened for Alex Mih from EatOffTheMenu and Carine Ottou of InspiringChefs. The pair may have two very different businesses, but they share the same values, united in a passion for unique food experiences which bring people together. As two start-ups at the same stage of their development, it seemed like the perfect time to solidify this new bond with an unforgettable foodie event.

Created by Alex Mih, EatOfftheMenu is a revolutionary platform (and completely unique in London!) which aims to bring the excitement back to restaurant dining. Becoming an EatOfftheMenu member grants you exclusive access to “secret dishes” at some of London’s most special and exciting restaurants. These dishes can be anything from an age-old family recipe to an experimental creation from the chef’s imagination. Each dish represents a story, the heart and soul of the restaurant, and the chef’s creativity and passion – and no one knows about it but you!

InspiringChefs was the brainchild of Cameroonian-born Carine Ottou. This unique platform brings the stories and traditions behind food from all over the world to anyone looking to fall in love with cooking again. The service celebrates Inspiring Chefs - people who love to make authentic food, who use recipes handed down through generations, or who simply want to share their culture through cuisine, be they trained chefs or home cooks – via a range of cooking classes and other learning experiences. These Chefs can help you travel the world through their food, with a range of dishes they hold dear which you may never have seen before.

The Event
This fantastic collaboration will take the form of monthly events, each featuring a different cuisine from around the world. These immersive experiences will blend the excitement and mystery of EatOfftheMenu with the deep cultural tradition and emotional connection of InspiringChefs. Launching in January, the first event will take place at 7pm on January 27th and will celebrate Carine’s native Cameroon and will feature West African cuisine like you have never tried it. The exact menu is a secret, but you can expect authentic Cameroonian ingredients, dishes, and techniques, served in exciting new ways. From thought-provoking fusion to innovative plating, this is food which will make you think. You can also expect music, décor and entertainment to transport you to Cameroon for the evening.

These events will only be accessible by members of the InspiringChefs or EatOfftheMenu platforms, so go sign up now to be kept up-to-date with more information.

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We all love secrets! EatOffTheMenu is a new foodie concept launching in London that is all about secret dishes and secret experiences that you can have in ordinary local food venues that are not ordinarily available on the menu.