In the latest survey by global coaching team ActionCOACH, 19 out of 20 businesses responded that using a coach has made a positive difference to their business. This is consistent with the 2016 survey where 94% (as opposed to 2017 97%) cited a benefit. To underline the value business owners see, 95% said they would positively recommend using ActionCOACH to a friend.

Ian Christelow, Co-Founder of ActionCOACH UK said, “This year’s survey of nearly 400 businesses benefiting from coaching, has reinforced our view that external expertise unquestionably drives growth. But what is also clear is that the type of coaching is critical. The ActionCOACH model has over 3,500 strategies and tactics driving business growth, all focusing on key areas of:

• Profit
• Systems
• People
• Plans & Measuring
• Delivery & Distribution

This is very different from simple periodic meetings with a mentor, which many people translate as coaching. Growing businesses have skills and knowledge gaps, and professional coaching identifies those gaps and addresses them through expert input to create value.”

Group CEO for the ActionCOACH, ProfitPlus and Engage & Grow brands, Vic Ciuffetelli, added, "The survey shows professional coaching is becoming the norm for Business Champions, those business owners who take charge of their growth and development. Gone are the days when a business owner could simply rely on their own skills and talents, business today is moving at a much more hectic pace. ActionCOACH UK is at the forefront of this development and our team of coaches is ranked as the best in the world.”

Chris Parker, Business Owner of Rhino Play, is a strong supporter of using professional coaching and endorses their view, “The business has become more efficient in so many ways. Our internal processes are improving from week to week and the company is growing just as fast. Working on lead generation, lead conversion and many other workshops has helped the company so much. Our new mission statement gives the staff a positive mindset in pushing the company forward and is allowing us to reach our goals that much quicker. Using coaching has allowed our company to structure and grow much faster than we thought possible.”

It is not only growth that flows from business owners embracing qualified coaching. The survey indicates that 8 out of 10 businesses also see their owners enjoying a better work-life balance within 12 months of engaging with a coach.

Tony Selfart, Business Owner of Incredibility, describes his results from working with a coach, “Since joining ActionCOACH in 2009, I have seen my business grow almost 10-fold in turnover, and close to 4000% in profitability. My team has expanded from 2 people to 21 people, and I spend 2-3 hours a day in the business instead of 16 hours in the business. ActionCOACH has been a blessing to me and to my team as it's provided us with financial stability and freedom.”


Notes to Editors:
The ActionCOACH Client Satisfaction Survey was conducted in June 2017, and comprises 376 responses. Full copies of the survey outputs are available from:
Laura Thorburn, ActionCOACH Marketing Manager, 01284701648
Action Coach is a global business growth franchise, founded by internationally-recognised business coach and author, Brad Sugars.

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About ActionCOACH

ActionCOACH is the world’s number one business services franchise, with 1,000 offices in 60 countries. With over 200 offices in the UK and, since founding the business coaching profession, ActionCOACH has become the UK’s Best Mid-Priced Franchise at RBS's Best Franchise Awards and is the Best UK Business Opportunity according to CompareTheFinancialMarkets.

Our Action Coaches work with business owners using over 3,500 strategies and tactics, guaranteed to make their businesses successful in several areas including teaching them how to increase their profits, develop powerful systems and build strong teams.

At the end of 2016, European CEO Magazine awarded Ian Christelow, co-founder and Managing Director of ActionCOACH UK the Business Coaching “Entrepreneur of the Year 2016” for Western Europe.