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101 ways to Achievement for All

14 September 2015 08:45


Professor Sonia Blandford leads the award-winning charity Achievement for All and is listed as one of Debrett’s 500 most influential for 2015.

In her four new books she looks at how this charity’s programme, delivered in thousands of schools across the UK, is making an extraordinary difference to the progress and wellbeing of children and young people, and to the leaders and teachers who work with them.

'Take the Lead: Make the difference you want in your school' is a book for school leaders. It taps into their ambitions to ensure every pupil on their register makes progress above national expectations and shares the framework Achievement for All offers which enables them to do that. Packed with ideas and experience from Sonia’s team and the leaders she’s working with.

'Love to Teach: Bring out the best in you and your class' takes a fresh look at the challenges facing teaching staff today and explores how they can meet them in a way that optimises both their sense of wellbeing and job satisfaction and ensures that every pupil in their class makes progress above national expectations.

'Make School Better: Have a bigger say in your child's school day' looks at the pivotal role all parents and carers can have in their child’s experience of education, and the practical things they can do right now to make sure school is a better place to be, no matter what individual challenges children face, and ensures that all children make progress above national expectations.

'Don’t Like Mondays? Make school work for you' is a feast of facts, personal stories and practical ideas from children and young people for children and young people. This book aims to enrich the educational experience for those who find school tough, and to empower them to make a change in the classroom that will not only enable them to progress but which will benefit everyone else in their school too.

All four titles will be released on October 6, 2015. More information at

Sonia Blandford attributes her drive and resilience to her upbringing. As a child she lived on the Allied Estate in Hounslow. It was whilst working in a local catering company that Sonia decided she didn’t want to be putting cherries on grapefruits for the rest of her life. She had to convince her illiterate mum to let her become the first member of her family to pursue education beyond the age of 14. She did, and went on to be the first to attend university. She has two Masters (Music and Education), and was among the first to complete the UK inaugural Doctor of Education (EdD) programme at the University of Bristol. She went on to become Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dean of Education at Canterbury Christchurch.

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