Remember the last election, and Nick Clegg's performance in the leaders' television debates that swung the vote in favour of the coalition?

According the Peter Ibbetson, director of a discreet media coaching business that works with high flying executives, "There is clear evidence that a high impact performance in front of the camera can influence an audience far more than what is actually said. We see it in the sports world, the business world and the world of politics". And equally, he points out, a negative impression is left by poor performers, irrespective of the quality of what they say.

The outcome of that impact can be huge. "Had Nick Clegg not been quite so well media trained in 2010, it is quite conceivable," he claims, "that we would have seen a majority government from either the Tory or Labour side and who knows what the impact of that would have been"

Showcasing how Primedia creates the 'Nick Clegg effect' at the Journolink/Hearst Publications 'Too Good To Miss' (event at the Good Housekeeping Institute on Friday 30th January, they are turning their attention to small businesses with advice on how they can optimise their performance when they get a media opportunity.

Primedia's top three tips to ensure small business spokespeople land their messages and achieve positive brand mentions are:

- Treat the interviewer as your best friend, helping them create good coverage, BUT, on your

- Maintain control throughout, and do not deviate from your planned approach.

and predictably....

- There is no substitute for preparation and practice.

The question we still have to wait 97 days to answer is.... Will Nick Clegg be running a small business himself soon?

Notes for Editor:

The Too Good To Miss event is being run by Journolink ( at the Good Housekeeping Institute, St Annes Court, London W1F 0BJ, on Friday 30 January from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Tickets are available free of charge by contacting

Several other businesses are also involved.

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Primedia Solutions is a bespoke media coaching company. Working with Senior Executives we use innovative input techniques to prepare CEOs for challenging and crisis media interviews across TV, Radio and Print as well as for Select Committee Hearings. Very discreet and confidential, we stand out from the crowd as we have all been there and done it….and , mostly, survived. Having prepared you we then put you through as near the real thing as will ever be experienced, using real interviewers, and real environments. Then we review. Our objective…..for our clients to enjoy an interview with John Humphrys!