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Digital Entrepreneur Limited

Digital Entrepreneur running Small Private Networks in London, New York, Dubai and Warsaw. Small Groups, Big Thinking

Press Releases

Amazon Echo - "hear" to stay?
01 Nov 2016 12:15
At the #SmartHomeDinner on Tuesday the 25th October 2016 at the Radisson Blu Edwardian, Hampshire on Leicester Square in London we were given a thoroughly good look at Amazon Echo and Alexa. The latest product from Amazon and with it, the first consumer facing stand alone voice interface I have had a...
Will Alexa become a member of your family?
11 Oct 2016 09:00
In the back of Tesla on the way home from an event in London last year I asked an Apple guy where he thought the future of the #SmartHome would be played out - would it be on a specific device in my living room or just another app on my smartphone? He replied "no one wants another box in their...
The Future’s In Sight, The Future’s HoloLens…
28 Jul 2016 14:15
What would you do if you could see into the future? For a select group of top U.K. business leaders, that question was answered on Tuesday 25th July in Central London with the chance to ‘test-drive’ the HoloLens, the first fully self-contained holographic computer which allows users to interact...
Are RFID Implants the future?
20 Jun 2016 12:30
When it comes to interacting with technology, we have all been on a long journey. The journey started several decades ago, as far back as 1946 in fact with Teletype and ENIAC computer cards followed in spectacularly slow fashion in 1964 with a keyboard from M.I.T. By the 1970's Apple, Radio...
Brexit - What does it mean for business and what do our European cousins think? (I feel a road trip coming on)
08 Jun 2016 16:45
Brexit - what does it mean for business and what do our European cousins think? As a UK citizen and keen digital entrepreneur I have been thinking more and more about Brexit over the last few months and how this might affect my various different ventures, especially those that are active in Europe....

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