JournoLink uses cookies JournoLink requires cookies to function. You can read more in our Privacy Policy is the UK’s most popular ecommerce platform for sme's with over over £1.1m per day (almost half a billion pounds per year) going through EKM retailer stores. Having your own online shop with means your website upgrades itself, repairs itself and is constantly evolving to ensure anyone can start and run a successful online shop which generates sales for just £24.99 per month.

Founded in 2002 by 22 year old Antony Chesworth, has grown to be the UK's leading ecommerce platform powering one out of every five online shops in the UK. Antony is also a keen pilot, sailor and car enthusiast and is available for comment on ecommerce, sme business and entrepreneurship

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We increased turnover by £120m
03 May 2016 11:45
The UK's leading ecommerce company has increased turnover for thousands of online retailers by releasing a new checkout experience onto all their customers shops. The latest update from the ecommerce expert team at has resulted in over £120m in additional sales, allowing SME...
8 Things you need to know about ecommerce from ecommerce expert Antony Chesworth
15 Jan 2016 00:30
8 Things you need to know about ecommerce From ecommerce expert Antony Chesworth 1 - If you are serious about having an ecommerce website then one that is built by a friend of a friend will no longer cut it, you will face stiff competition from day one and so need an ecommerce website that can cut...

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