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Hospitality Uncovered- What You Need to Know When Buying Corporate Hospitality
18 Feb 2016 14:45
Corporate hospitality offers a perfect opportunity to repay customer loyalty, meet your clients in person, create new networking opportunities and cement current business relationships. Entertaining your clients makes good business sense, but understanding what to buy and who to buy from can be a bit...
We spend fortunes on corporate hospitality, but do we compare the value?
20 Jan 2016 10:00
Next month it will be all eyes on screens again as the 2016 RBS Six Nations Championship commences. This annual event has a powerful draw, with thousands of tickets sold to corporate companies looking to entertain their clients. Companies face the decision of which event to invite clients to, this one...
New website making life easier for PAs
13 Jan 2016 10:00 has launched a brand new website designed to make the lives of personal assistants a little easier. The website will allow PAs to compare corporate hospitality packages for all major cultural, musical and sporting events and also serve as an online sales window through which packages...

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