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Business Hands

Business Hands specialises in providing top quality marketing services to small and mid-sized businesses in and around London. Our belief, that quality marketing services should not be the preserve of big companies with big budgets is at the core of everything we do.

We’re a great choice for ambitious yet cost conscious organisations. By utilising our services, you’re able to significantly increase your marketing power without the downside of employing extra team members. We don’t take holidays or sick days, you can upscale and downscale as and when you like, you won’t need to pay us a pension, we don’t need office space and you’ll get access to a greater level of skills than you would otherwise have for your budget.

As a small business ourselves, we understand that every hour worked and every penny spent must be accounted for and our range of quality marketing services is designed to deliver great value for money whilst also relieving you of the burden of these time consuming activities.

We’re experts at what we do, but what makes us really stand apart is our ability to combine our marketing services with our strategic insight to help your organisation achieve its long term goals.

We don’t like to think of ourselves as a marketing agency. We like to think we're your marketing department, your strategic adviser, your secret ingredient and your biggest fan.

Press Releases

Germany to lead the way in Eurozone meltdown…
25 Nov 2015 11:15
Germany – Europe’s economic and political powerhouse is edging closer to its biggest ever financial crisis and it will drag the UK, France and the rest of Europe down with it. That was just one of the headlines to come out of this years Elite Investor Summit which took place earlier this month. The...
19 Nov 2015 09:30
Dementia hit the headlines again last week when it was revealed that a change in sense of humour could be an early sign of the condition taking hold. The study, conducted by the University College of London reported that laughing at normal things like a badly parked car, a barking dog or inappropriately...
Retailers need to embrace omni-channel now or face the consequences
18 Nov 2015 14:30
Omni-channel is no longer just a buzzword for marketing geeks – it’s the hi-definition version of the retail experience and every consumer wants in. And why not? When watching a movie at home, would you settle for the option of watching a normal definition flick when there’s a far more immersive...
Nicholas Kirk – An everyday Architect less ordinary…
18 Nov 2015 08:15
Sonic Sheds, Urban Fantasy Gardens, Floating Buildings and a Pop-up restaurant designed to look like an aircraft cabin. These are just some of the unusual projects, Architect Nicholas Kirk has delivered over the last decade. And whilst you might think that many (if not all) of these projects sounds like...
myCircle to offer the ‘Starbucks mobile ordering experience’
17 Nov 2015 07:45
The media has been buzzing recently with the success of Starbucks’ Mobile Order and Pay app. The app, which enables customers to place and pay for their order before picking it up boasts an average of 9 million transactions every week and has been widely recognized for delivering one of the most effective...
Leading financial experts predict a major global financial crisis within 2 years
16 Nov 2015 10:45
A major, global financial crisis will happen within the next 2 years. That’s according to world-renowned economic forecaster Harry Dent. The warning came at Saturday’s Elite Investor Summit, where some of the world’s top financial experts came together to offer their expertise to budding and experienced...
The dementia crisis and how you can be part of the solution - The Elite Investor Club
01 Oct 2015 10:15
For immediate release on behalf of the Elite Investor Club.. We heard last week that one in three people born in the UK this year will suffer from some form of dementia in their lifetime. This is the stark finding of a report commissioned by Alzheimer’s Research UK and carried out by the private...
Think twice before you invest in crowdfunding
22 Sep 2015 15:30
There was a time, when if you needed cash for your business - you wrote a business plan and went to see your bank manager. If that failed, your only other option was to visit a velour curtained civic centre or town hall on “meet the investor” night, chomp on a few vol-au-vents and hope that someone...
No Space No Problem - Building a London home on a 4.5m wide plot
22 Sep 2015 09:00
With the Government announcing a target of 1 million homes to be built before 2020, a project by NK Architects to build a London home on a plot just 4.5m wide could soon become the norm. That’s according to Nicholas Kirk, Founder and Director or NK Architects. The project, which was recently featured...
Don’t invest in start-up – have a kebab instead
21 Sep 2015 09:00
There was a time, when if you needed cash for your business - you wrote a business plan and went to see your bank manager. If that failed, your only other option was to visit a velour curtained civic centre or town hall on “meet the investor” night, chomp on a few vol-au-vents and hope that someone...
Open the doors Mr Cameron
16 Sep 2015 11:15
An article published by Business Hands on behalf of Graham Rowan - CEO of the Elite Investor Club. 2 weeks ago, a picture of a young boy’s body washed up on a beach in Turkey changed the world. Suddenly, politicians across Europe realised that sitting back, eating voulevants...
7 simple money saving ideas for small businesses
11 Sep 2015 08:45
7 simple money saving ideas for small businesses Business Hands was born out of a desire to help small business save money and succeed. As a small business ourselves, we’ve had to get pretty creative with our budget in our first 18 months. Here’s our top money saving tips for your small business....
Good marketing is beyond reach for most small businesses
08 Sep 2015 08:15
Good quality marketing services are beyond the reach of ordinary small businesses. That’s according to Chris Mayfield, CEO and Founder of Business Hands – a marketing agency set up specifically to address this problem. Britain has been gripped by a wave of entrepreneurialism over the last 5 years...

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