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Looking after your household bills is a pain. They cost you a lot more time and money than they should.

Onedox securely and automatically collects your bills and works for you to ensure you never waste time or money on them again.

Onedox is a free, secure service that enables you to take control of your household bills.

It provides you with a clear, single view of your important household account and bill information across gas, electricity, TV, Internet, landline, mobile, MOT and road tax.

It enables you to ensure your household accounts are in good health and that you are always getting value for money.

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Happy New Year. With a free £100 a month bonus towards your 2017 escalating household bills.
02 Jan 2017 13:00
Based on a case study of his own Mother, Onedox founder David Sheridan offers three simple top tips on using free platform Onedox to save £100 a month on household bills in 2017, without having to turn the heating down or switching off the mobile phone. 1. Energy Your energy provider will be able...
Pensioner beats the Chancellor by encouraging son in a business start up.
21 Nov 2016 11:00
Limited by her state pension and frustrated by her escalating household bills, 69 year old pensioner Linda Sheridan inspired her son David to create the business ‘Onedox’, a platform designed to make household bills transparent and ensure consumers don’t overpay for their energy and telecoms deals....
Call for PM to help consumers address £10bn utilities overcharging scandal
06 Oct 2016 11:00
PM should focus on how consumers and their families can empower themselves to save money on energy bills, rather than relying on energy companies and other household suppliers Onedox, the free automated dashboard for household bills and saving money, is calling on Theresa May to reconsider her calls...
Electricity costs for British consumers set to treble after Hinckley Point deal gets the go ahead
16 Sep 2016 07:30
Electricity costs for British consumers will be three times as high as they are currently as a result of the governments Hinckley Point deal, according to free platform for managing household bills, Onedox. The government deal ensures that the Hinckley Point consortium, primarily funded by energy...
Never mind a quarter per cent mortgage saving. Here’s how to double it
22 Aug 2016 10:00
Mortgage-holders across the UK could save twice as much on their outgoings, according to online platform Onedox. The news comes after the Bank of England dropped the base interest rate to 0.25 per cent recently, saving the average mortgage-holder around £250 per year. Onedox CEO David Sheridan...
New Ofgem marketing database following CMA report may lead to consumers being bombarded with mail shots.
03 Aug 2016 10:38
- Ofgem tasked with implementing the CMA's findings that energy consumers are getting a bad deal - Price cap for pre-pay customers to be introduced in April 2017, saving an average of £75 per year - During 2017, those on default tariffs opted into a marketing database, enabling other suppliers...
CMA Energy Report - The least well-off pay most for energy
29 Jun 2016 13:00
Did you know that the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) have just released the findings of their two year investigation into whether customers are getting a bad deal from energy providers? Probably not, as it was released on Friday June 24th, the same day as the result of the referendum on EU...
Take The Onedox Detox And Get Financially Fit For The Summer
01 Jun 2016 11:15
Whilst a lot of people think about getting in better physical shape for the summer, many don’t consider how to get financially fit. Slimming your expenditure between now and the summer can leave you hundreds in the bank to help towards the holiday you deserve. For some that might mean finally checking-in...
BT profiteering from complacent broadband users
05 May 2016 10:15
Despite being the dominant force in the market for broadband and landline and already providing uncompetitive deals to millions of customers, BT have today announced a rise in monthly broadband costs to go along with their increased profits. As well as advertising deals in a way that media watchdog...
Mobile Phone Bills - Bill Shock set to fall but are you paying twice for your handset?
26 Apr 2016 10:00
Using your phone abroad in Europe this summer will be massively cheaper than before. April 30th, 2016 represents a momentous date for British tourists holidaying in Europe. After this date, Brits can holiday in Europe safe in the knowledge that when we return home, the memories and relaxation...
Onedox welcomes CMA energy recommendations and stands ready to help consumers switch suppliers
10 Mar 2016 07:45
Onedox (, the free online platform to help consumers find their cheapest energy supplier and switch more easily, welcomes the Competition and Markets Authority recommendations in their report released this morning. One of the key themes in the watchdog's report looks at how millions...
Taking the effort out of household e-bills for consumers
11 Feb 2016 09:30
With more and more companies pushing paperless billing it is increasingly difficult for consumers to keep track of household bills. Free online service Onedox ( is making life easier by collating “e-bills” into one simple, secure location. Replacing the once-forgotten household...
Wouldn’t it be nice if your household bills filed themselves? Now they can.
08 Feb 2016 18:30
In a bid to help de-clutter sideboards, living room tables and window sills up and down the UK of paperwork that people “must get round to filing”, free productivity service Onedox ( has today launched a solution that means your household bills can automatically file themselves in...
New figures show only 5% of households have taken advantage of free energy efficiency measures worth hundreds
21 Jan 2016 10:15
Today's government energy efficiency headlines show that many UK households are still to take advantage of free insulation measures that could save them hundreds of pounds each year on their energy bills. Under the government Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, which runs until 31st March...
New household bills platform ensures users can grab their share of over £2 billion in savings.
05 Jan 2016 11:30
Onedox, the free online tool to help consumers manage their bills, is throwing down a 2016 challenge to the UK’s 27 million households. Sign up to the free Onedox service, and move your share of billions in unclaimed savings from the pockets of suppliers to the pockets of your household. In line...
The anti-budget – Why British families can be time and cash richer with the launch of Onedox
20 Oct 2015 22:45
Buckinghamshire entrepreneur and father of one David Sheridan has embarked on an ambitious mission to cut the amount of time British families spend managing household bills and save them hundreds of pounds, through a managed service which automatically centralises bills, compares tariffs and emails...

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