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FP Comms

The marketing company dedicated to supporting businesses communicate bravely and confidently. Our values are focused on building leaders within industry.

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Journalist power partnership between online platform Journo Resources and PR and Marketing agency FP Comms
26 Feb 2018 07:51
PR and Marketing company FP Comms and Journo Resources, the most valuable resource out there for new journalists, join forces to support the journalistic landscape. The partnership is a bringing together of two organisations that nurture and values the premise of ethics, honesty, and equality within...
Learn how to publish your first book with an international bestseller, coaching a music celebrity live.
04 May 2017 10:49
Those who want to step up to publish their own books have a wonderful opportunity to learn how on Monday 15th May at the Factory Studios between 6.30 and 8.00pm at the “I AM Event” entitled “YOUR BOOK – How to write it FAST!” They will join International Writing Guild Founder, international...
Marketing With Love don't cost a thing with their Small Business Saturday Challenge
01 Dec 2016 14:02
This Saturday in celebration of Small Business Saturday on 3rd December 2016, Nicola Millington, the founder of FP Comms - a London-based Marketing and PR company, and author of The Marketing With Love blog, is heading into London to do her Christmas shopping. This isn’t any old shopping trip, though...
Marketing Company FP Comms, launches the largest online workshop for bloggers and brands
14 Jun 2016 08:38
Marketing Company, FP Comms is embarking on hosting two of the largest online workshops for Brands that want to connect with Influencers and Influencers who want to connect more effectively with Brands. As a marketing company, FP Comms is successfully becoming recognised as an expert in connecting...
Craft club launches stress-busting workshop series
02 Feb 2016 08:00
A London-based events company have brought together paper cutting, hand quilting and casting sessions to help improve local happiness and well-being. London Craft Club, which travels throughout the capital, is focused on busy Londoners and the basis that regular crafting is proven to decrease stress....
Redbridge Sports and Leisure relaunches newly refurbished Gym with membership prices rolled back to 1999
14 Jan 2016 10:45
How often does it happen that your gym rolls back membership fees, at the same time as launching a spanking new gym facility for its members? Charitable Trust Redbridge Sports and Leisure (RSL) have done just that. With over 85 new Technogym stations ranging from Stairmasters to Functional Rigs,...
Vanessa Blake Cosmetics LLC appoints Amanda Shayle to the Board
14 Jan 2016 09:00
Acuregen Founder and Director Amanda Shayle is to Spearhead Puriskin Sales and Growth Strategy as Spokesperson for the Aesthetic Division in Mineral Cosmetic Firm Lead Up to 2016 offering. Vanessa Blake Cosmetics, a natural skincare and mineral make-up company has named Amanda Shayle MAcS MPCHM CertNatSci...
What does today's marketing company look like?
08 Dec 2015 01:00
Diverse marketing company FP Comms is branching out into the world of PR with the launch of its easy to use new service. Flexi PR helps businesspeople and entrepreneurs increase their media presence and the business profile of their company, while always staying in control of their finance budget. FP...
World Mental Health Day and Mental Health Week - Is Mindfulness helping to change the stigma of Mental Health in the workforce?
12 Oct 2015 18:00
Mind and Matter 2015, addresses the topic and issues surrounding mindfulness and mental health that many businesses and society at large ignore or often sweep under the carpet. Mind and Matter 2015 which takes place on 3rd and 4th December, Dexter House, Tower Hill; is a conference dedicated to highlighting...

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