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Apps for Good

Apps for Good is an education technology charity, with a mission to unlock the confidence and talent of young people to help them thrive in a tech-driven future.

They provide free online CPD to upskill computing teachers to ensure they feel confident delivering their programmes (App Development or Internet of Things course) to their students. Students are then challenged to come up with any problem or issue they are passionate about within their communities and learn how to solve it by building a digital product.

Through the Apps for Good programme students learn not just vital technical skill but also the enterprise and employability skills to design, market, launch and pitch their products solving real-world problems.

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The digital skills gap; closer to closing? Teenage entrepreneurs shine at technology competition in Manchester
23 Apr 2018 13:30
The North West’s next generation of tech entrepreneurs prove they are ahead of the game with their innovative IoT and app designs. On Friday 20th April students from across the North West gathered in Manchester to pitch their outstanding tech for good products to a panel of industry professionals....
Teenage girls from Elstree UTC, Borehamwood launch their award winning app, booknotes.
13 Mar 2018 07:15
Two students from Elstree University Technical College in Borehamwood, Savanna and Kirsty, whose entry was selected from hundreds of applications, were announced as winners in the national Apps for Good Awards 2017. On Tuesday 13th March they will be celebrating the launch of their app, ‘booknotes’,...
The future is safe in their hands: Winning IoT products announced as Scotland’s young entrepreneurs showcase their tech innovations
01 Mar 2018 09:30
Scotland’s next generation of tech entrepreneurs are already ahead of the game with their innovative IoT and app designs. Students from across Scotland (as far north as Wick) gathered in Edinburgh to pitch their tech for good products to industry professionals to ask for feedback and expert advice...

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