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Sole of Discretion

Ethical Fishmonger

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Wild Fishing: The Secret to saving our blue planet
13 Apr 2018 11:45
Sole of Discretion, a fishing co-operative based in Plymouth England, was the first wild fishing company in the UK to be accredited Organic by the Soil Association. Using only static nets and hand liners, these fishers are helping to preserve fish stocks and the ecology of the seabed for future generations....
Article written by Green MEP Molly Scott Cato on the impact of Brexit on small scale fisheries and us here at Sole of Discretion
16 Mar 2018 11:00
Industrial fishing vessels rule the waves. Commercial fishing now covers a surface area four times greater than that of land based agriculture and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) says one-third of commercial fish stocks are being caught at unsustainable levels. However, the authors...
Sole of Discretion - Your Ethical Fishmonger
19 Feb 2018 16:00
Sole of Discretion is an ethical fishmonger selling quality, local fish. We are a Community Interest Company owned by the fishers that land to it. We are 100% committed to ethical, quality fish, and so buy only from static gill or trammel netters and hand liners fishing mostly out of Plymouth. We...

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