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We provide the listing of thousands of accredited mental health professionals: Counselling Directory, Therapy Directory, Nutritionist Resource, Hypnotherapy Directory and Life Coach Directory.

Since starting in 2005, our aim sees us continue to promote a happier and healthier society and we have helped more than a million people to find the support they need.

Our journey has seen us launch a mental health magazine on Monday, March 20, 2017 - the International Day of Happiness.

Since October, we have been circulated nationwide and have featured exclusive interviews with Louise Thompson, Dodie Clark, Katie Piper, Tamara Ecclestone, Denise Welch, Jeff Brazier, Amy Willerton and Matt Johnson - all candidly discussing their mental health.

Please credit and link any releases published back to the relevant directory or Happiful magazine.

Press Releases

Demand for counselling increases by 22% over the last two years
31 Jan 2018 17:00
Counselling Directory analysis shows a significant increase in enquiries to counsellors from 2015 to 2017. Mental health seems to be a topic of conversation now more than ever. Campaigns spearheaded by the royal family, as well as public discussions sparked by influencers, celebrities and everyday...
Singer and YouTube star Dodie Clark on her daily struggle with a lesser known mental illness
29 Nov 2017 08:00
Known for her sweet, understated vocals and infatuating personality, British singer-songwriter and YouTuber Dodie Clark speaks to Happiful about her daily struggles with one of society’s lesser-known mental illnesses When dodie’s EP You came out in August this year, she took the music industry...
Anxiety and flashbacks: The long-term effects of childhood bullying
15 Nov 2017 09:00
Blogger Jade Wylde shares her mental health story with Counselling Directory after being both physically and verbally bullied at primary school. The aim of bullying is to hurt someone, either physically or emotionally. Often a bully will pick out something that’s different about someone, be it the...
Prue Leith on joining 'innuendo devil' Paul Hollywood ahead of Tuesday's Bake Off grand finale
26 Oct 2017 12:15
BAKE Off judge Prue Leith has admitted advice from Mary Berry and joining in with ‘innuendo devil’ Paul Hollywood has helped her settle into the Channel 4 show. The 77-year-old revealed in a Q+A with Happiful Magazine that she was initially daunted by the Great British Bake Off tent, following...
World Mental Health Day - Report urges more mental health training is required for managers.
10 Oct 2017 10:00
FOLLOWING recent findings from Business in the Community’s (BITC) annual wellbeing survey, less than 24% of managers in the workplace have received training in mental health. Are employers acknowledging their duty of care in employee mental health? According to the Mental Health Foundation, mental...
Coping with traumatic world events - expert gives advice on what you can do
03 Oct 2017 12:00
As the world reels from attacks killing dozens in Vegas, Marseille and causing injuries in Edmonton, we explore 6 ways to help you calm yourself when trauma occurs - from Counselling Directory member Jo Ham. Whether it’s waking up to the news of a recent attack, or watching terrifying world events...
One in four girls have depression - Expert gives six signs your daughter may be depressed.
26 Sep 2017 10:30
More than 230,000 youngsters under the age of 14 are battling depression, with more than two-thirds of sufferers believed to be girls according to researchers.It’s estimated that around 166,000 girls and 67,000 boys of that age across the UK are depressed. It comes following a recent study by academics...
Eczema - Which foods trigger the condition and what can help tackle it
19 Sep 2017 09:30
AN EXPERT has revealed chocolate and peanuts are among a range of foods which could trigger eczema. Dora Walsh, a London-based Nutritionist Resource member, has also shared her top tips on which foods can help you avoid the condition as part of National Eczema Week, running until Friday. Atopic...
Telephone anxiety: A problem that rings true for many - 42% of people admit hating answering their phone
12 Sep 2017 08:00
We use our phones every day. In fact, according to Ofcom, two-thirds of people now own a smartphone, using it for nearly two hours every day to browse the internet, access social media and shop online. Do you notice one thing missing from that list, though? That’s right. We’re using our phones...
Has football scored an own goal on mental health - By football academic Duncan Stone
05 Sep 2017 09:00
We hear lots of good intentions when it comes to mental health and football, but what is actually being done to help professional players and managers? And why are footballers still afraid to speak out about mental health issues? Happiful examines the culture of hyper-masculinity that persists on the...
Formula 1 heiress Tamara Ecclestone reveals battle with parental separation anxiety
22 Aug 2017 12:00
TAMARA Ecclestone has opened up candidly about her battle with mental health, which she says made her unable to let her daughter out of her sight for more than six minutes. The Formula One heiress and eldest daughter of supremo Bernie Ecclestone also highlighted that despite her family’s estimated...
Expert's guide on snaring that all important pay rise
15 Aug 2017 09:00
AS many of us prepare to stride into our manager’s office for our reviews, many will be angling for that all important pay rise. Life Coach Directory member Nadia Wyatt has put together a ten-step guide on how to tackle what can often be seen as a difficult subject. It comes as higher living...

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