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Water Babies

In a nutshell, we teach water confidence and safety skills to babies and toddlers. However, we're about so much more besides. Our classes are great for making new friends, helping to enhance the bonding process, having fun... and seeing the utter thrill of your little one gliding underwater towards you.

In the last three years alone we know our lessons were directly responsible for saving the lives of ten little ones who otherwise might have tragically drowned. That makes us very proud.

And we like raising money for other babies. To date, we've raised over £750,000 for Tommy's. And we're aiming to raise another £200,000 for them (possibly!) this coming summer.

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Cheeky little swimmer at one of our Milton Keynes classes!

Press Releases

Local business committed to the support of Milton Keynes new-borns
07 Jun 2018 10:09
Tamsin Brewis, local business owner and mum of two, has committed to supporting not one, but two, Milton Keynes based organisations – both with Buckinghamshire new-born babies at the heart of their efforts. Tamsin – who has owned Water Babies Bucks and Beds for almost 14 years – will spend...
Local business owner matches chocolate charity pledge
13 Apr 2018 09:49
Tamsin Brewis and the office team at Water Babies Bucks and Beds, on Middleton Road, have raised £100 for the British Heart Foundation by giving up chocolate – and a few other favourite snacks – for 31 days in March, as part of the annual ‘Dechox’ campaign. By placing a donation in a ‘chocolate...
Local business makes chocolate pledge for charity
12 Mar 2018 12:40
Britain is a nation of chocolate eaters and, according to research, we get through around 605 tonnes of the sugary snack, every single year – the equivalent in weight of 78 double decker buses! In Banbury, temptation to partake in one of the nation’s favourite snacks is even higher, with the infamous...
The female electrician who quit her job to teach local children how to swim
09 Feb 2018 14:13
When water and electricity DO mix! 41-year-old Nic Dawkins, who lives in Aylesbury with her fiancé and two young sons, swapped a hectic and technical 17-year long career as an electrician to live out her lifelong dream of teaching little ones how to swim – why? Because, like so many other working...
Local toddler raises £1k for baby charity
07 Nov 2017 16:59
Three-year-old Gracie Cashmore, from Silverstone in Northamptonshire, raised an incredible £1000 for Tommy’s – the baby charity that funds research into miscarriages, stillbirth and premature birth. Little Gracie raised this phenomenal amount by doing a sponsored swim at The Gateway School in...
Local businesswoman takes child obesity report to Westminster
27 Oct 2017 11:01
Childhood obesity is an epidemic which has become more present than ever, with an estimated 1 in 10 under 10-year olds classed as clinically obese in the UK. Tamsin Brewis, local business owner and swimming expert, has teamed up with the APPG (the All-Party Parliamentary Group) and other sport and leisure...
Meet the grandma helping her grandson avoid smart-phones and tablets!
11 Oct 2017 15:28
Grandma 1 – Gameboy 0 56 -year-old Francis Isaac is determined to keep her grandson away from a computer screen. She’s been taking two-year-old, Jake, swimming every single week for just over a year - and she says the benefits are very real indeed. “I absolutely adore my one-on-one time...
Overcoming the Water Wobbles; a handy guide for parents on how to help their little ones overcome a fear of water.
11 Sep 2017 10:12
Overcoming the Water Wobbles If you’ve just got back from your family summer holiday with a tired and frustrated toddler, you’re not the only one. Keeping them entertained every day, whilst still trying to fit in your own rest and relaxation is no mean feat. If your little one is a happy and confident...
Local children raise over £30k for baby charity
09 Aug 2017 16:57
Little local superheroes raise thousands for baby charity This summer, the little swimmers of Water Babies Bucks and Beds have raised a whopping £36,000 (and counting!) for Tommy’s, the baby charity. Tommy’s funds research into miscarriage, still birth and premature birth. Local little ones...
Local little ones set to splash for charity!
07 Jul 2017 16:30
Between 15% and 30% of all reported pregnancies end in miscarriage - a statistic which may come as a shock to some. Grieving parents find support in many ways but every need is different. That’s why Tommy’s does all it can to help those coping with the devastating loss of a child. Day in, day out,...
Local woman wins national business award
30 Jun 2017 16:36
On Wednesday night, Tamsin Brewis, business owner of Water Babies in Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire, took the title for the British Franchise Association’s (bfa) ‘Female Franchisee of the Year’. Tamsin, who has owned and operated her business since 2004, was thrilled to collect the award...
Stay-at-home dad and award-winning parenting blogger defies the stereotype to spend time with his daughter
14 Jun 2017 16:24
Daddy-Daughter-duo deny the daily grind. “Splashing around in the pool with my little girl on a Thursday morning feels like a million miles away from my life. But we weren’t on holiday, enjoying the odd week of daddy-daughter time on our summer holidays - I’m a dad who gets to spend every...
Local baby swim school supports Sands stillbirth charity
13 Jun 2017 11:15
Local baby swim school owner, Tamsin Brewis, has raised money for child bereavement charity, Oxfordshire Sands. Tamsin and her team at Water Babies have been selling hundreds of brightly coloured hessian shopping bags to their customers. With much uncertainty surrounding NHS services in the Banbury...
Death of mum leads local mum of two to a new career
25 Apr 2017 14:10
"I spent seven years travelling up and down the country as part of a high-pressured job in corporate HR. When I found out I was pregnant, l knew that l had to escape the rat-race and pursue something that would enable me to enjoy family life. When I lost mum so soon after Ewan was born, my world...
World Health Day - combatting depression in new mums
07 Apr 2017 16:40
Postnatal Depression (PND) is incredibly common, affecting 1 in 10 women within a year of giving birth. Christian Bates, owner of The Perrymount Clinic, and Tamsin Brewis, owner of Water Babies in Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire, offer their advice to mums and dads (let’s not forget them!) who are...
My baby taught me to swim underwater!
21 Feb 2017 11:44
“With my heart pounding in my ears, I took a deep breath, put my head under the water and looked at my baby – it was one of the proudest moments of my life.” 35 year old Katy Brown has just conquered her lifelong fear of going underwater by taking courage and inspiration from her 15 month old...

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