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ReSolve Engineering LTD

ReSolve is an engineering consultancy that specialises in the development of bespoke technologies for research and innovation. ReSolve’s mission is to empower researchers and innovators with robust and flexible tools that enable them to speed discovery, streamline innovation, and drive change. Spanning across bespoke hardware and software, to measurement and control systems and fully integrated solutions, ReSolve’s products and services are specifically tailored to provide our clients with bespoke technologies and analytical tools that enable them to realise and transform their systems, processes and products.

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European award win for Leeds engineers
11 Jan 2017 14:15
A Leeds-based engineering consultancy has been awarded a prestigious Northern European Engineering Impact Award for Innovative Research. ReSolve Research Engineering Ltd. won the award in partnership with The University of Leeds and the Bradford Institute for Health Research (BIHR). ReSolve was formed...

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