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Plan Bee Ltd

About Plan Bee

Plan Bee Ltd is a sustainability business with the simple philosophy - Planet, People, Profit. In that order the company works with clients to make a proactive impact on the environment, unlike many other initiatives which simply offset the carbon impact of business or industry, Plan Bee’s
customers are investing in the planet. It’s people, whether clients, employees or community stakeholders come next, and then like any business it is about making a profit. Plan Bee is driving innovation in corporate social responsibility and sustainability practice across industry, the economy and communities.

About Bees

It has widely been professed that without bees that man would have only 4 years left on the planet. Without bees there would be no pollination, without pollination there would be no plants and without plants there would be no animals and no more food. Honey bees pollinate around a third of the foods that we eat. University of Reading research found that in the last 20 years around a half of the honey bee population has died through mites, climate, pesticides and disorders. This is com-pared with a 20 per cent drop in Europe. This decline has now been called a global phenomenon by the United Nations.

About CEO, Warren Bader

Plan Bee Ltd CEO Warren Bader left sunny South Africa to continue his work in advertising and music video production, where he worked with a wide variety of stars ranging from Tina Turner to Boyzone. In order to alleviate the stress of the glamorous lifestyle he found himself an allotment and began growing heritage fruit trees and other fruits and vegetables that couldn’t be bought in the shops. It wasn’t long before he began dabbling with beehives and from then on he was hooked. That passion for bees, honey and sustainability has been the foundation on which Plan Bee Ltd has grown.

Press Releases

Plan Bee Ltd - Boosting Bees, Bringing Biodiversity and Accruing Awards
09 Dec 2014 11:34
Motherwell based beehive management and sustainability business, Plan Bee Ltd, have recently been recognised by a number of organisations for eco-innovation, environmental impact and quality of their produce. Following on from a finalist placing at the BBC Food and Farming Awards they were also the...

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