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JournoLink bridges the gap between businesses and the media; using the online platform businesses can connect with journalists, broadcasters and bloggers through news, editorial requests and events.

Founded in 2014 the platform was created by Peter Ibbetson, Gemma Guise and broadcast journalist Tetteh Kofi.

Combining Peter’s experience in the small business market, with daughter Gemma’s PR skills and Tetteh's knowledge of the media industry, they were able to create an all-in-one solution for businesses who want to get in front of the media and journalists who struggle to find new and exciting business stories, case studies and opinions.

In 2015 Gemma Guise was listed as one of the top women to watch in the Media and Journalist category of the We Are The City annual awards. In the following year JournoLink was listed at the prestigious Real Business/Everline Awards ceremony, as one of the Future 50 businesses to watch in disrupting their industries.

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PR disruptor, JournoLink, secures £500k investment to provide an affordable PR solution to all businesses.
21 Jun 2018 09:30
JournoLink, the PR platform providing tools and services to help businesses get in front of the media, has secured a £500k equity investment led by the Development Bank of Wales The latest round of funding will enable JournoLink to further develop the online platform and help create an easy and...
Lisa Ashworth joins JournoLink Board as the PR platform gears up for growth
28 Feb 2018 09:30
Transformational growth expert Lisa Ashworth has joined JournoLink as a Non-Executive Director after a 14-year stint heading up PR Newswire’s EMEA and India business. Lisa brings a track record of consistently achieving corporate targets, experience that JournoLink stands to benefit from with her...
Government supported start ups to hit the media
05 Jul 2016 11:00
Start & Grow, a government initiative delivered by Cavendish Enterprise partners to provide support to start up and growing businesses, has joined forces with JournoLink, the PR platform for small businesses, to give all Start & Grow entrepreneurs the knowledge and skills they need to hit the...
Live Europe Referendum opinion survey of over 32,000 'Undecideds' points towards voter confusion and tendency towards 'Leave'
20 Jun 2016 14:15
A dynamic online questionnaire to help undecided voters make their mind up about which way to vote in the referendum has attracted over 32,000 respondents within 5 days of going live. With over 250 new responses still contributing every hour it has developed into the biggest indicator of the issues that...
Help at last for exasperated EU voters fed up with spin and scaremongering
15 Jun 2016 08:30
JournoLink, the online PR platform for small businesses, has launched a simple 90 second on line attitudes tool to help the confused public work out which way to vote on the 23rd June, whether to ‘Leave’, or to ‘Stay’. Feedback from many of the businesses and people JournoLink talks to suggests...
JournoLink wins its place in the Everline Future 50 Awards
04 Mar 2016 10:00
JournoLink, the online PR platform which launched two years ago to help start- ups and established small businesses engage with the media, has been listed at the prestigious Real Business/Everline Awards ceremony, as one of the Future 50 businesses to watch in disrupting their industries. With over...
Early stage businesses to wow the media
20 Oct 2015 14:00
Entrepreneurial Spark, the rapidly growing network of business incubators, has partnered with JournoLink, the online PR platform for small businesses to connect with journalists, as they jointly help the Entrepreneurial Spark businesses promote their success stories. Through the Entrepreneurial Spark...
10 Sep 2015 14:00
Social Enterprise UK, the lead body supporting social enterprises, and JournoLink, the online PR platform supporting small businesses, have partnered to help social enterprises raise their profile in the media. With more than 70,000 social enterprises in the country, reinvesting their profits and...
01 Sep 2015 10:45
Gemma Guise, Managing Director of JournoLink (, the online PR agency for small businesses, social entrepreneurs and start ups, has been cited as one of the top emerging women entrepreneurs to watch in the City. Listed as one of the top women to watch in the Media and Journalist...
Small Businesses speak up in support of Government's Late Payment Tzar with case studies
26 Jul 2015 13:15
In response to the Government's announcement of a Small Business Commissioner to look into big business delaying payments to small business, small business owners have come forward willing to offer journalists case studies and quotes. JournoLink, the small business online platform linking small...
Does it really cost £300 a week to keep the kids off the streets during the holidays? No, say JournoLink businesses
20 Jul 2015 09:15
As research suggests parents are having to budget £1500 to fund their child's school holiday needs, small businesses have stepped up to offer suggestions of how to keep their restless offspring off the streets. JournoLink, the on line platform linking small businesses to journalists, bloggers...
JournoLink joins London's ExCel Business Show
11 May 2015 10:15
SMEs can get their message out to the UK or the world for half price at the UK's largest business show at London's ExCel on 13th and 14th May 2015. JournoLink, a very affordable and "no nonsense" interactive PR platform linking businesses of all sizes and sectors to journalists,...
07 May 2015 15:15
JournoLink, Enterprise Nation and Bathtub to Boardroom are joining forces tonight to give small businesses the platform to make their voices some of the first to be heard as the election count goes on. From 10pm tonight any small business with a view on the emerging outcome will be welcomed, fed and...
Entrepreneurial students sought for London bus incubator
05 Mar 2015 10:14
A collaborative partnership between IncuBus, GradFactor Enterprises and Journolink will see the London double decker ‘IncuBus’ touring five key London Universities between 16-20 March. The tour aims to recruit enterprising university students for a 12 week intensive business start-up boot camp to...
JournoLink, Womens 1st and Plooms join forces
24 Feb 2015 15:08
By coming together in a collaboration, Journolink, Women 1st and UK fountain pen company Plooms are encouraging businesswomen to use their own, unique stories to help promote themselves and their business.
28 Jan 2015 17:53
Journolink, the disruptive on line Small Business PR platform, is relying on a variant to the old adage that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, by testing whether the same inducement will get to the column inches of the journalists.
Prince’s Trust Scotland businesses set for media fame
05 Dec 2014 09:53
As part of the programme of initiatives for Small Business Saturday, The Prince’s Trust Scotland is working with Journolink to provide help to young businesses in Scotland to promote their success stories.
Kim means business, but so does Britain!
18 Nov 2014 18:11
What goes on behind the scenes to achieve an alluring reputation has changed hard and fast in the business world. Here, Journolink takes a look at the evolution of public relations in the past twenty years and what the Internet has meant for PR agents and home-PR alike.
10 Nov 2014 12:37
Here at Journolink we are very excited to be a media partner of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards. With less than two weeks to go, we can’t wait to attend and applaud the fantastic nominees!
JournoLink and James Caan predict top trends for SME’s after Made Festival 2014.
24 Sep 2014 17:38
With business confidence beginning to grow, Journolink brought together business leaders including James Caan to forecast the top Business trends for SME’s following the Made Festival in Sheffield in the twitter chat that ran on rails.
Northern businesses set to outshout Southerners
19 Sep 2014 11:09
Northern businesses are to be given a master class, run by innovative on-line PR firm Journolink at the Made Festival in Sheffield next week. MADE attendees will be shown how to maximise their brand profile in the media, ensuring their voice shouts as loud as the South of the country.
Probably the best advice small businesses will get this year.
15 Sep 2014 10:05
Using the power of social media, Journolink will run one of the biggest Twitter chats for Business that the SME community has yet to benefit from. At 10.30am on Wednesday 24th September, the Enterprise Express will run from London to Sheffield to the MADE Festival with many high profile business reps on board.
The economy is ‘ booming’, but not our businesses.
31 Jul 2014 21:34
As the politicians tell us that we are now officially out of recession and that we are the strongest growing economy in Europe, Journolink, the emerging on line PR dating agency between journalists and businesses is challenging UK business to shout about their successes.

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