Press Release Writing Service

JournoLink provides a press release writing service for those who don’t have the confidence or knowledge to write it themselves. Writing a press release can be challenging, especially for people with no particular experience in PR. For this reason, we offer an affordable copywriting service for businesses who want to share their news stories with the media.

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Professional press release copywriting

A team of PR experts to write your press release

To ensure that your news story is conveyed in the best possible manner and to maximise your chances of getting the attention of journalists, we only work with experienced and skilled press release copywriters. Our team is made up of ex journalists and PR professionals with over 10 years of experience in public relations and journalism.

We can write it for you for unbeatable prices

The press release writing and distribution service is available on a pay-as-you-go basis for only £120.00 (excluding VAT) if you’d like to send out a one-off press release.

We also provide this copywriting service to our subscribers for only £60.00 (excluding VAT), or for free as part of your subscription depending on the plan you choose. To find out more please visit our pricing page to see the different subscriptions plans.

Do it yourself with our press release template

Writing a press release is within the reach of any person with copywriting skills. Sometimes, what you really need is just some guidance.

To help you with that, the press release distribution system on JournoLink provides you with a step-by-step template to make writing your press release easy.

Visit the press release distribution page for more information.