Media Coaching

Being able to respond to an interview, talk in front of a camera or address a media crisis is priceless for a business or organisation. There are many situations that require these skills such as a phone or TV interview, a crisis coming up in your business or even simply an investment pitch. However disparate these situations, the goal of the exercise is the same; you want to land your messages to achieve your objective.

Badly handled, an interview or video can have a negative impact on your company’s reputation so it is very important to have a spokesperson prepared to handle the public image and external communications of your organisation.

To help you, as a company or individual prepare and be successful in any speaking situation, our team of experienced Media Relations managers and broadcasters provide all-sizes of teams with a top-level media coaching course.

Because we strongly believe that one size does not fit all, each media training session is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Tell us what you want to get out of the session and what situation you need it for and we’ll custom build a program for you.


Who is the media training course for?

Senior executives

We train senior executives to speak on camera, phone and radio so that they can gain the confidence they need, learn how to get their messages across even in difficult situations and avoid the common traps. The course is particularly useful for crisis management.

CEOs and Startups

Getting investments or securing important partnerships is crucial in the first years of a business. We know how difficult and stressful it can be. We’ve been there! To help you with that, we can deliver a course to help you sell your project and convince investors and partners to be a part of it.


If you’d like your staff to become the best advocates for your organisation and control your brand image and profile, we train larger teams to respond to interviews, to media crises so you get your company’s messages across in any situation.

The media coaching approach

We believe that the best way to train staff to perform in interviews is through the eyes of the interviewees. Throughout the session, we use real examples of tough interview situations to identify the dos and don’ts and to illustrate the key points and different techniques we want you to learn.

The objective of the session is to identify and understand the expectations of different audiences and how to best approach each situation to land messages effectively.

Over 40 years of experience in interview and media crisis management.

Our team of PR experts have a long experience in media crisis management, media relations and brand management on both sides of the camera or microphone.

Peter Ibbetson, the co-founder of JournoLink, represented one of the most challenged banks in the media during the financial crisis, defending what he refers to as ‘the most hated brand in the most hated sector’, and has over 10 years of extensive experience in every area of media interview.

Tetteh Kofi, the other co-founder of JournoLink has been working as a journalist and broadcaster for the BBC, Colourful Radio, BBC 5 Live for over 30 years. On the other side of the camera or microphone, he has interviewed (and still does) hundreds of people on various topics and now delivers high-quality courses on media relations management to businesses.