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What Your Mother Really Wants this Mother’s Day

While flowers and chocolates are welcome, what our mothers want, deep down, is for us to enjoy the fullest-possible expression of ourselves in the wor...

A New Generation of Mother's Day Gifting from Haddow Group

Haddow Group's product team hits the nail on the head with Mother's Day gifting ideas, designed with a complete 'mother and daughter'...


Significant increase in number of loan requests from companies in hospitality industry attempting to get their premises/equipment up todate after poor...

The International Trade Expo Announces Line-Up of Expert Speakers

Joining the impressive line up at the International Trade Expo is Fisken Martineau partner and co-head of the firm’s Global Energy Group, Steven Behar...

Bamboo Towels: Luxury and Innovation

Mistik Spa produces a range of Bamboo and Cotton towels. Bamboo towels can absorb up to four times more water than a cotton towel. Bamboo towels have...

Making meetings more mobile: launch of

This week, Search Office Space launches Whatever size your business, we all have a need for meeting spaces. This new site gives you...

Truede: Pomegranate, the Superfood that can save your life

The pomegranate; an ancient fruit with a rich history with medicinal properties. It is said to have been harvested from the Garden of Eden. Pomegranat...

British Youth Turn To Entrepreneurship in 2014

British youth - A lack of jobs, a lack of security, a lack of opportunity? Or just a change in the job market?

2014 - The Year for New Businesses?

2014 looks like a promising year for start up businesses, with incentive schemes and a recovering economy all playing their part.

Fun & quirky Mother's Day gifts!

Brighter than a bouquet of flowers, and guaranteed a bigger smile than a box of chocolates, Cushion Friends make the perfect Mother's Day gift!

Deneva now offers long lasting wrinkled skin treatment

New technology from Germany came to London just a month ago. New treatment for wrinkled face and neck helps women to look younger and have a healthier...

Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE is back!

May Bank Holiday weekend hosts the ultimate hair and beauty experience. Europe’s biggest showcase for Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE is back, taking place on...

Mistik Spa: Essential Oils Work Miracles for your Mum

Why our massaging and moisturising oil candles make an unforgettable Mother's Day.

Truede: The Ultimate Gift for Mother's Day

4 reasons why our Truede Rose Turkish Delight is the ultimate gift for Mother's Day.

Mistik Spa: Nature's Touch

Mistik Spa offers consumers a therapeutic spa experience, without the harsh chemicals that often come included in the cosmetics industry. Mistik Spa c...

Truede: Luxury Turkish Delight & Confectionery, Free From Guilt

Truede is committed to marrying products for the discerning, health conscious consumer with innovative flavours and over 500 years of history.

ICO3 launch new E Commerce magazine

E Commerce specialists ICO3 are pleased to announce the launch of the company’s new quarterly magazine - E Communicate.

Bolin Webb win 2014 Gift of the Year Award for innovative razor and stand

New contemporary grooming for men – where design and innovation meet performance. UK designed and made R1 razor and stand shows spirit – with curve,...