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Fun & quirky Mother's Day gifts!

Brighter than a bouquet of flowers, and guaranteed a bigger smile than a box of chocolates, Cushion Friends make the perfect Mother's Day gift!

Deneva now offers long lasting wrinkled skin treatment

New technology from Germany came to London just a month ago. New treatment for wrinkled face and neck helps women to look younger and have a healthier...

Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE is back!

May Bank Holiday weekend hosts the ultimate hair and beauty experience. Europe’s biggest showcase for Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE is back, taking place on...

Mistik Spa: Essential Oils Work Miracles for your Mum

Why our massaging and moisturising oil candles make an unforgettable Mother's Day.

Truede: The Ultimate Gift for Mother's Day

4 reasons why our Truede Rose Turkish Delight is the ultimate gift for Mother's Day.

Mistik Spa: Nature's Touch

Mistik Spa offers consumers a therapeutic spa experience, without the harsh chemicals that often come included in the cosmetics industry. Mistik Spa c...

Truede: Luxury Turkish Delight & Confectionery, Free From Guilt

Truede is committed to marrying products for the discerning, health conscious consumer with innovative flavours and over 500 years of history.

ICO3 launch new E Commerce magazine

E Commerce specialists ICO3 are pleased to announce the launch of the company’s new quarterly magazine - E Communicate.

Bolin Webb win 2014 Gift of the Year Award for innovative razor and stand

New contemporary grooming for men – where design and innovation meet performance. UK designed and made R1 razor and stand shows spirit – with curve,...


Bespoke Media Coaching company, Primedia Solutions, is drawing a comparison between the reluctance of women to take on senior engineering jobs, and th...

When First Dance Friday met Valentine’s Day - #1stdancefriday

Love really is in the air as ‘Valentine’s Day’ drops on our new ‘First Dance Friday’. First Dance Friday is our way for couples to celebrate their W...

This Is Life Not A Rehearsal Always Remember This - Valentines Gifts

Tilnar Art stands for: This Is Life Not A Rehearsal Always Remember This, which is apt for Valentines Day, as we all should live life to the full!

Is art dead? or A new chapter in art? or What is the future of art?

A new chapter in art? Blessed with phones and camera's giving us the ability to capture some great images, yet, they stay in our phones at best ou...

KATE GUEST - Greetings Cards Launch

KATE GUEST is pleased to announce the launch of their exclusive and unique ‘Originals’ range.


Really Wild Publishing Company supports British Jobs...

A smiling of gifts from Perkins & Morley

Perkins & Morley will be showcasing their new spring ranges at Spring Fair 2014

Banana flavoured good fortune lies ahead

Following on from the tickety boo success of their infamous banana flavoured tea bags (rather!), greeting card publisher Perfectly Bananas are introdu...

Innovative start up launching at Spring Fair

Can one photographer with a dream to build an imaging empire really make it in todays cut throat economy?