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Every journalist knows that adding a human interest aspect to any story makes it more engaging. But every journalist also knows that finding an engaging, relevant person who is both available and willing to comment can be a time consuming and difficult prospect. Journolink can help. Our database of vetted, genuine businesses allows you to find and connect directly with the business owners and directors who can provide the commentary to enhance any story. Our database allows you to find relevant businesses easily then see exactly where and how they are available for comment. No more struggling to obtain comment, no more wasted time trying to find a great soundbite for your piece. The Journolink database is your solution to finding comment for your stories.

Requesting Content

Great content is the cornerstone of any great news article or blog post. However often finding sources for this great content can be lengthy and frustrating. At Journolink we listened to journalists and bloggers, then came up with a solution to this age old problem. Our content request system allows you to directly request anything from a simple comment to a full length feature from a huge database of businesses who are both willing and able to provide the content you require. Even better, when requesting content on Journolink you can specify a deadline, meaning if you need content straight away, eager businesses are ready and waiting to provide what you need.

Receiving Press Releases

Press releases can be a fantastic source of information and commentary, letting you know the latest breaking news and how current trends are developing. However the sheer quantity and variable quality of press releases put out by businesses every day means that it is easy to miss great stories. Journolink has the solution. We offer coaching to all our businesses, meaning the press releases are written about subjects you want to hear about in a way you can use to create great news stories and blog posts. We then allow you to specify the exact topics, business sectors, events and locations you are interested in. Our system filters the press releases based against your preferences, meaning you only receive relevant, well written press releases direct to your inbox.

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