Coronavirus - Impact on SMEs

In an effort to help small businesses during this difficult time, JournoLink are offering the chance for all businesses, whether subscribers or not, the chance to share how they are affected by, or coping with, the Coronavirus COVID19 pandemic with the media.

Below is a filterable list of responses sent in by SMEs ready to talk to the media. For access to any of the contact details for any of these businesses, please email

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Francesca Phillips from Supportif

Changing tact and looking to solve the issues we are now facing as a country. I provide virtual support for businesses and their leaders. I will focus on helping those that have had to make the hard decision to let their support staff go, which unfortunately, is usually what happens when companies need to cut costs. By outsourcing this work to a freelancer, the business can continue to tackle the daunting task of bringing their businesses back into growth mode.

13 July 2020 09:28

Caterina Dolce from Dolce+Chou

We were ready to kick-off our business at the beginning of lock-down. Was still a good time to go ahead or stop everything? We went ahead and incorporated Dolce+Chou the 24 of March 2020. The Pandemia changed all our plan.
How did the Pandemia impact us?
• The original shoe collection planned for this winter was cancelled
• Our original collection, of the comfortable heel to go to work is not relevant anymore.
What did we do instead?
With everything in place, except the product, we decided to kick-off our brand and business with a new Premium Face with an Italian Luxury Atelier.

10 July 2020 10:19

Caroline Palmer from Raising the Baa

Our clients are telling us that the main missing ingredient from working fully or partially from home is ‘people’. The incidental human interactions that keep them feel connected. Whilst many have returned to their workplace, people are still literally at a distance.

Luckily we've only needed to make a few adjustments ahead of re-opening, since our core activity helps teams gather in a way that is distanced yet still connected - all the more important as companies reshuffle to suit their recovery or even relaunch.

07 July 2020 15:59

Vicki Workman from Croydon Guitar Tuition

We have been running online guitar lessons since beginning of lockdown. They have gone very well & strengthened our community. Some students are making more progress than ever before, due to increased time & lack of other activities.

We are deciding whether to re-open for in-person lessons in September, while keeping an online component going. With talk of a second wave later in the year, we are cautious that we don't want to open too early, only to have to close down again.

29 June 2020 11:16

Emma Goss-custard from Honeybuns

95% of our business was wholesale to the travel & leisure industry & hospitality which is now sadly decimated. Customers included sporting stadiums, BA, Virgin, Universities etc. We've relaunched our online offer to consumers focusing on gifts & freezer refill packs plus a pop up shop & seen a 500% increase in sales compared to last year. Customers have given brilliant feedback & appreciated our personal service & being able to chat to us on the phone. We've become more proactive in sending cake tins to journalist asking for coverage. We're also educating ourselves on digital marketing.

26 June 2020 11:43

Sarah Greening from Sarah Greening Glass

I create fused glass jewellery and teach glass fusing classes.
On 23 March 95% of my income streams were suddenly lost. Trade shows and art fairs cancelled, stockists closed, classes cancelled and I was ineligible for SEISS.
I concentrated on my online sales, created a new range of jewellery and an NHS Fundraiser product (rainbow cocktail stirrers).
On 4 July I resume my classes just for people from a single household and my first craft fairs that are still running start in July - we are trying to be optimistic but not sure how many people will buy jewellery without touching it!

22 June 2020 17:14

Rosemarie Cantrill from Organik Orangutan

I have continued with online sales and wholesale orders during lockdown, but a main part of my business was workshops in soap making and skincare which I wasn't able to continue. I have adapted the workshops to run online using zoom. They have been incredibly successful that I aim to continue running them when restrictions are lifted. Students came from all over the country to attend my workshops, now they can do so from the comfort of their own home, it eliminates travelling time and often the expense of staying in over night accommodation. I send out all the ingredients and away we go.

22 June 2020 09:35

Nicole Martin from Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy Ltd

Luckily, or as someone told me more down to foundations and hard work, my business has been continuing as normal throughout lockdown as I have been continuing to help clients, giving free advice to prospects and receiving new enquiries. I work with my regular and new clients to help them review what they are doing and how, to ensure their marketing methods are still working well for them. Then we will change any campaigns and plans accordingly. My networking events I attend and my meetings all went online but I am looking forward to getting back out there for face to face interaction too!

20 June 2020 08:45

Susanna Morgan from Dog and Hat Coffee Subscriptions

Dog and Hat are a coffee subscription and we have seen huge growth during lock down which has enabled us to place orders on roasters who saw all their business come to a halt, we have donated to people doing worth for furloughed staff and come September we will l have new staff coming on board. Speaking to roasters we have now seen more people moving to home brewing , and that been seen in sales of espresso machines. The movement in coffee has been huge and we need to make sure these home brewers keep going to support the industry and farmers. Happy to chat further!

19 June 2020 21:42

Dee Featherstone from The Little Sensory Box

I saw a huge growth in business when lockdown first hit by 800%.

My husband was furloughed which made it easier for me to scale as he was home to look after our soon.

Post lockdown I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with the surge of orders/new growth and looking after a toddler. I'm more concerned that coming out of lockdown will effect my business as my husband returns back to work.

19 June 2020 18:50

Juliet Powell from Juliet Powell

Testing ahead of sharing with #SBS group - please do not contact.

19 June 2020 10:44

Amanda Chalmers from ChalmersNewsPR

Award-winning Warwick Spanish restaurant Tasca Dali has barely survived throughout lockdown, making minimal revenue from takeaways and deliveries.
The restaurant is very small and, as such, its very survival, depends on a change to the 2m rule - to 1m. At 2m it is just not viable to run the business.
Despite all this, the restaurateur has just launched the Tasca Champion campaign, inviting nominations for unsung COVID-19 heroes - who will receive a VIP five-course taster menu and wine delivered to their home.

15 June 2020 17:04

Will Skewes from Camper Cafe

Like many in the events industry, we felt the impact of Covid_19 immediately. Our first call came late February to postpone a sales campaign that would have been delivered days before lockdown was announced.
In March the rest of our customers followed suit as one by one all events cancelled and our world crumbled.
The one thing we knew is that we weren’t going to change the situation. The only things we could change is our business.
And so, in late April we began our coffee deliveries. A business plan that we had never thought for us, has become our way of life.

10 June 2020 14:16

Yvette Reinfor from More Curricular

More Curricular runs study skill and writing workshops for children/parents. However, Covid-19 has forced us to accept a new normal and offer all our courses and workshops online.

Unexpectantly. we have experienced an upturn in business. Our research-based workshop/courses have struck a chord with parents and children alike, especially supporting parents with home learning.

29 May 2020 13:54

Claudine Gitton from LIGHT OF NIGHT

We have been working for 20 years with leisure industries and our customers massively close their contracts . To stay alive one of the Directors sourced other products & found a COVID-19 related product. An Hygienic Hook avoiding contact with the virus and helping lower the spread of the virus. It's small, handy, affordable, useful to assist in offices, businesses and member of the public opening doors, cabinets, entering codes at the ATM, vending machines, flushing toilets. Versatile light product made in France,taken & seen on French TVs, National Newspapers. We are the UK distributor.

26 May 2020 15:10

Becky Enoch from House of Jack

We're a street dance studio based in Leith, Edinburgh. As we're closed due to Coronavirus, we now provide free online weekly dance classes for adults & kids, live & interactive via Zoom - something to help keep everyone connected and having fun!

Since so many have been financially affected by the coronavirus, as a non-profit organisation with one of our main goals to make dance - and the creative expression that comes with it - as accessible as possible, we plan to keep online classes free & open to everyone throughout this time.

21 May 2020 23:28

Shara Cohen from Cancer Care Parcel

Our business is to provide gift for people with cancer. During this pandemic we set up not for profit care packages for people self-isolating with the corona virus.
This care pack is provided by a group of individuals and businesses who want to do what they can to help during the corona virus pandemic

The cost of this package and the items in it varies from day to day depending on the donations we receive.

21 May 2020 09:48

Matheu Parry from Art title

Matt Whistler

Robot artist paints found record sleeves during Lockdown and engaged his fans by asking them to suggest an apt art title.

Full story here :

17 May 2020 14:47

Lucy SMITH from Your Village Shop

How did a passion for autism awareness has led to a new essential retail shop setting up to support vulnerable people in Bristol during the Covid19 pandemic

Lucy and Rich Smith have been running a shop since March in a retirement home..Originally a project planned to help autistic young people into work. The shop is now considered an essential service for the residents as they self isolate and shield.

Lucy and Rich didn’t start out with this idea in mind but have risen to the challenges of setting up a shop with just 48hrs notice.

17 May 2020 14:00

Ran Janda from Holistic Room

Free Natural Health Treatments for Frontline Healthcare Workers. We would like to offer services to frontline healthcare workers who are working so hard for us all during the pandemic for free.

We have a range of treatments available such as Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Holistic Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique, Mindfulness, distant Reiki Healing, Somatic Movement (which is great for pain and tight muscles), Bach Flower Remedies and Nutrition.

Visit for information on how to get access to these treatments.

14 May 2020 19:35