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Thanks to our partnership with JournoLink you can get 25% off your subscription to the platform and start managing your own PR today.

You have reached the JournoLink website. JournoLink is an interactive platform enabling you to manage your own PR and send out your business stories to journalists, broadcasters and bloggers

Special discounts for Charity Film Awards members

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The go-to directory for the media

Be found by the media: Our go-to directory enables journalists, bloggers and broadcasters to look for news stories by keyword.

Press Release Distribution

Send your stories to over 6,000 journalists, bloggers and broadcasters: JournoLink’s intelligent software will target your press release at the relevant people to maximise your chance of coverage

Editorial Requests

Are you struggling to write a press release, but want to get your story heard? JournoLink enables the media to send comment requests to your inbox, and our technology allows you to reply directly to them.

Business Calendar and PR Dates

Our calendar gives you a run-down of key upcoming events so you can create your PR and content plan. From key data releases to trade shows and award programmes the JournoLink calendar gives you a helping hand

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