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Business Finance Solutions

Business Finance Solutions working with JournoLink

BFS was established in 2002 with a brief to provide a professional and service focused alternative business finance options for businesses that have been unable to obtain funding through a mainstream lender.

You have reached the JournoLink website. JournoLink is an interactive platform enabling you to manage your own PR and send out your business stories to journalists, broadcasters and bloggers

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The go-to directory for the media

Publicity. It grows businesses. The more people know about your business, the larger your customer base becomes. But how do you get your business the publicity it craves without a marketing department and colossal budget? Journolink can help.

PR Toolkit

The JournoLink toolkit is a powerful collection of online tools, guides and additional features. Need advice on a radio interview? A television piece? Got yourself in print? Our online knowledge base ensures that you are fully prepared and ready to promote your business in the best light.

Press Release Distribution

Content. It sells newspapers, draws readers to blogs and gets the media interested. Small businesses have great stories and fascinating products, but we find often they have never written a press release or posted content online, because they don’t know how or where to begin. Journolink makes it easy.

Calendar and PR Dates

Knowledge is power. However we found small businesses are often too busy to put in the hours researching relevant industry occurrences and events for their company. This means that businesses can miss great opportunities for press coverage and exposure through awards, industry events and other relevant goings on.

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