Weekly news round-up: 6 to 12 May

Weekly news round-up: 6 to 12 May

At JournoLink, every week we see many news stories being distributed through the platform that we believe deserve to be seen and shared. Whether they're inspiring, original, creative or simply interesting & relevant, we'd like more people to check them out. 

For this reason, we've decided to put together a weekly press release round-up to highlight the stories and PR campaigns we particularly liked so that both businesses and journalists have a chance to respectively get some ideas for their own campaigns or to find interesting stories to write about. Here we go.


Best news stories of the week

Thousands of UK schools could be acting unlawfully by discriminating against pupils with Afro-textured hair.


Yesterday, Word Afro Day sent out a meaningful press release on discrimination against pupils with Afro-textured hair in schools. The survey report shows a 66.7% rise in negative hair policies towards Afro hair. Melanie Field, Executive Director at the Equality and Human Rights Commission said: “Any policy which impacts disproportionately on pupils with particular protected characteristics is likely to be unlawful unless it can be shown to be necessary and for a good reason.” 

World Afro Day is calling for new policies which will honour equality in schools and in society. 

View the press release here


Meet the UK’s first Climate Change Teacher

first climate change teacher uk

An innovative programme to offer a Climate Change course to pupils in primary and secondary schools was launched in the UK on April 22. The online programme created by Harwood Education in partnership with the UN Climate Change Learning Partnership and backed by YPO aims to teach young children the best practices to protect the planet and inspire social innovation. Starting as a trial in 80 schools, Melanie Harwood from Harwood Education is hoping to then make the training course available in every school in the UK.

With the threat of climate change and all the consequences that go with it, we can only admire the initiative and hope for the success of the programme!

View the press release here


Everyone’s buzzing about World Bee Day at top attraction

The Bee and Heritage Centre at Samlesbury Hall


World Bee Day will take place this on the 20 May and for the occasion, The Bee and Heritage Centre is reminding us that the doors of the beautiful Samlesbury Hall, where the bee centre is, is open to visitors. A special craft fair will be held on Sunday 19 May to celebrate the day and to raise awareness about the challenge of bee protection. Bee-themed products will be on sales too. 

View the press release here


Slowest and Fastest House Sale Markets Revealed 

Property Solvers tracks regularly the time period needed to sell a house. They found out that the average time to sell a property is 16 weeks, which shows that the industry needs to improve processes for both sellers and buyers.

The press release was sent with a table attached detailing the average time in each region of the UK.  According to their report, it can take as long as 18 weeks.

View the press release here


Don't panic, the ladybirds are on it


Last week, we also saw an interesting release published by gardenzine.co.uk recommending patience to gardeners. The gardening online magazine has received many worried messages regarding the particular large amount of insects infesting plants this year. 

Strong advocates of insecticide-free gardening, they recommend to let the ladybird do their job and get rid of the insects instead of rushing for a spray solution. They shared some interesting comments on the topic of organic cultivation. Check it out!

View the press release here