Weekly news round-up: 29 April to 5 May

Weekly news round-up: 29 April to 5 May

At JournoLink, every week we see many news stories being distributed through the platform that we believe deserve to be seen and shared. Whether they're inspiring, original, creative or simply interesting & relevant, we'd like more people to check them out. 

For this reason, we've decided to put together a weekly press release round-up to highlight the stories and PR campaigns we particularly liked so that both businesses and journalists have a chance to respectively get some ideas for their own campaigns or to find interesting stories to write about. Here we go.


Best news stories of the week

Large Scale Energy Storage Crucial for Climate Emergency


ILI Group has published a press release this week to back up called for a climate emergency to be declared. The Scottish energy storage company commented on the National Grid’s zero-carbon target and gave us more details on one part of the problem which will need to be solved, partly thanks to their technology. With the climate change more than ever at the heart of the debate this week, it's very valuable to get expert insights on the issue and on the solutions but also to see that an actual market player is supporting the targets and believes them credible.

View the press release here


British tech company helps create a workforce of female coders


The Access Platform, a recruitment platform dedicated to students, has announced the launch of an initiative to encourage all female employees, whatever their position in the business, to follow a training programme to learn skills in coding run by Code First: Girls.  Great initiative! The press release contains some good testimonials too.

View the press release here


Launch of new Paysend Link app set to disrupt payments market


On a different note, Paysend has launched the Paysend Link app, enabling users to pay anyone with just their mobile number. The competition on the payment technology market is fierce so this announcement should trigger some reactions. 

View the press release here


The Workers Club release new 'Made in England' Collection


As you already understood, the Workers Club, a fashion brand launched in 2015 has just launched a new collection, entirely made in England with materials manufactured in England. Apart from liking the collection, we particularly enjoy the initiative of working with British firms to create the clothes. Brands are more and more expected to think about their environment and ethical impact. Sustainability is key!

View the press release here


‘Highest-scoring film ever’ – Bereavement charity wins Charity Film of the Year


Last Friday, the Charity Film Awards ceremony took place (and we were there!) and we saw some great video clips which really moved us. The movie called #OneMoreMinute was particularly celebrated s it won the Charity Film of the Year. The film was produced for Child Bereavement UK, which thanks to the clip, managed to reach many more families. The awards programme is a great way to raise awareness about some amazing charities some we love the idea. 

View the press release here