Weekly news round-up: 22 to28 April

Weekly news round-up: 22 to28 April

At JournoLink, every week we see many news stories being distributed through the platform that we believe deserve to be seen and shared. Whether they're inspiring, original, creative or simply interesting & relevant, we'd like more people to check them out. 

For this reason, we've decided to put together a weekly press release round-up to highlight the stories and PR campaigns we particularly liked so that both businesses and journalists have a chance to respectively get some ideas for their own campaigns or to find interesting stories to write about. Here we go.


Best news stories of the week

London Food Tech Week 2019: Game-changing line-up revealed

Yfood Feeod Tech Week

The London Food Tech Week will return to London from 20 to 24 May and there are a lot of interesting themes on the programme such as meat substitutes, sustainability, food boxes, etc and some really high-profile guests to debate on them.

What we eat and the way we eat are such important topics to talk about considering the big challenges we will have to face in the next decades. So we thought it'd be an interesting one to keep an eye on. 

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Celebrating The Power Of Your Story - Celebrating women self-belief

Sue Williams, a local author and poet, has announced an event in Coventry on Thursday, May 9 to launch a new inspirational anthology of true stories by women on the topic of self-belief. The Believe You Can Live a Life You Love at 50+ book is filled with inspirational stories by 30 different women all over the world. Very inspiring local event. 

View the press release here


D Day 75th anniversary tours go beyond the beaches

D day cycling tour Green Jersey


The 75th Anniversary of D day will be celebrated on 6 June. To commemorate the sad events that took place during WW2, Green Jersey Cycling Tours has developed a battlefield cycling Tour with an updated itinerary reflecting the aftermath of the landings. 

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£10 billion of UK Generosity to Celebrate on Friday

The Charity Film Awards rewards every year the best promotional videos of charities who want to raise awareness about their cause and collect donations. It's a great event to put on the spotlights charities of all sizes and recognise their work and commitment. It's also a good way to celebrate British generosity, which gave £10 billion this year. 

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London Marathon Runners Special: Award-winning restaurant Hello Burger says “Hello heroes”

Hello Burger has jumped on the opportunity of the London Marathon to offer free burgers to the marathon runners. A simple and funny way to get a bit of publicity. Not sure the participants will be tempted by a burger after a 42k run but after all, they deserve it.

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