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Publicity. It grows businesses. The more people know about your business, the larger your customer base becomes. But how do you get your business the publicity it craves without a marketing department and colossal budget? Journolink can help. We believe that small businesses have great stories that need to be told, so we link you and your business with journalists, bloggers, reporters writers and media professionals who want to hear from you. Often they are industry specialists who are hungry for content about businesses just like yours. Our clients have appeared in print, on the radio and on television, talking about their business, their products and experiences and the exciting, rewarding and frightening experience that is running your own business. Click here to sign up now or read on to see what you get to enhance your business.

Press Releases & Content Production

Content. It sells newspapers, draws readers to blogs and gets the media interested. Small businesses have great stories and fascinating products, but we find often they have never written a press release or posted content online, because they don’t know how or where to begin. Journolink makes it easy. Your account allows you access to our press release and content templates. When you write a press release and publish it on your account, it is automatically sent to relevant journalists, bloggers and other media professionals who report on businesses just like yours. All content you write is also posted to your profile, allowing you to build up your own media bank online. You can also then link your existing website to your JournoLink profile via our JournoLink widget, further increasing exposure of your content.


Knowledge is power. However we found small businesses are often too busy to put in the hours researching relevant industry occurrences and events for their business. This means that business miss great opportunities for press coverage and exposure through awards, industry events and other relevant goings on. Journolink solves this through a simple to use yet comprehensive tailored calendar. This highlights events relevant to your business and allows you to use them for your advantage. Putting out content linked to an event significantly increases chances of coverage, so the calendar allows you to time your content, marketing and sales drives towards current events, enhancing their effectiveness. It informs you of relevant industry awards which you can look to apply for, getting your business exposure and rewarding you for the hard work and long hours you have put into your business. The Journolink calendar means you are always up to date on events relevant to your industry, making your entire business more informed and effective.

PR Toolkit

The JournoLink toolkit is a powerful collection of online tools, guides and additional features. Need advice on a radio interview? A television piece? Got yourself in print? Our online knowledge base ensures that you are fully prepared and ready to promote your business in the best light. Need advice on a specific aspect of promoting your business? Our interactive webinars allow you to ask the experts and view engaging interviews and lectures online. Just put out a press release and want to ensure maximum coverage? We give you the best practice guide to promote exposure over search engines and social media. JournoLink gives you a wealth of tools to enhance your overall PR capability. You can also link your Media Room to your business website, giving you your own live Media Room on your website for visitors to view.

Strategic Planning

Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Not only is it nifty alliteration, it’s true. By having a solid PR plan in place, you can maximise your return on investment and the publicity your business. Journolink offer two different types of plan. The first is an ongoing plan, tailored to suit your business, advising you on content to put out, events to attend and much more on an ongoing basis. The second type is designed to maximise media exposure from a specific event. Nominated for an award? Got a stand at a trade show? Sponsoring an event? We’ll work with you to put together a plan to ensure you reap the publicity benefits of any event you are involved in

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